A teenage girl is shipped off to boarding school after losing her mother and living with a drunk as a father. Come join Marcy Springdale as she over comes changes to know the truth about her mother and family.


5. Chapter Five

Chapter 5

*beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.*

Went my alarm. I sat up, rubbed my eyes and shook my head. I turned my alarm off and got out of bed. I put on some music, plugged in curling wand and got dressed.

For the first day of school outfit I chose out a long rough cut purple tee with a skull and crossbones in rhinestones. I pulled on black skinny jeans with sparkles and gems on the back pockets and black wedge boots. I curled my hair with the wand, put in silver hoop earrings, then selected a thing black belt that I wrapped around my waist, I put on an infinity ring and some sliver dangle bracelets. To finish the look a chose a sliver hat with sparkles woven in and a little flower gem pin on the side. I spayed on my perfume did a light dusting of make up and a single layer of clear lip gloss.

I walked out of my room and packed my back pack. Shortly coming out of their rooms were Nelli and Emily.

"Hi," I said.

"Hello," Nelli answered.

"Hey," Emily yawned.

"What do you want for breakfast?" Nelli asked.

"Um I was thinking we would just hit the café," I replied

"Are you crazy?!" Emily Exclaimed.

"Em, it's her first year, we made the same mistake, chill," Nelli said lightly touching Emily's shoulder.

"Right. See the reason why we don't eat there is because Heather wats there. Along with her side kicks and her boyfriend of the month."

"So it's not even safe to check it out on the first day?" I asked.

"No. I fact that's the worse time. Breakfast and lunch is when she spots out her potential boyfriends, and by dinner time she is making a list of who belongs to each month. And at breakfast the next day she gets her first boyfriend," Emily explained.

"Doesn't she ever find one that she likes well enough to keep for more than a month? Like someone to-"

"Are you kidding?" Nelli said cutting me off. "Of course note. She doesn't actually Lols any of the guys. She just dates them cause she finds them cute and to keep her spot as queen bee."

"She truly likes her lab partner from last year. A total geek." Emily finished.

"All right then. Stay clear of Heather who truly loves a geek, but I'm guessing we're saying nothing about knowing that to her or anyone else?"

"Correct," Nelli said.

My phone went off. I looked down and saw that I had a text from Drew.

Drew: morning sweetie. Miss u bunches!

Me: morning. Wht r u doing up this early?

As soon as I hit send I got a FaceTime call. It was drew. I answered it thinking that I could eat and talk to him at the same time.

"Morning beautiful," he said.

"Hey, what are you doing up?" I asked. Drew was not one to be I known to get up early, so it's always a nice surprise.

"I wanted to see you before you went to class."

"Oh. Well here I am!"

"Haha yeah."

"Hey, wanna meet some people?"

"Sure! Who are they?"

"Theses awesome people called my room mates and new friends," I motioned for Nelli and Emily to colem and stand behind me. "Drew. This is Nelli an Emily. Girls this is Drew my best friend. "

"Hello," Drew said waving

"Hi!" Nelli and Emily responded. I glanced at the clock and realized that we had to leave.

"Hey Drew. Sorry but we gotta get to class! I'll text you later! Bye!"

"Bye sweetie! I miss you! Love you!"

"Miss you too!" I hit the end bottom and out my phone down.

"So you and drew are just friends?" Nelli asked her eyes twinkling.

"Well..." I told them about Drew and I being in love and how we were going to start dating but then I had to come to Miss Flora's and I didn't want a long distance relationship and all that.

After they teased me about Drew and we walked off to class.

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