A teenage girl is shipped off to boarding school after losing her mother and living with a drunk as a father. Come join Marcy Springdale as she over comes changes to know the truth about her mother and family.


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

We had a good study session, a couple of hours before we had to go to the café for dinner. Once we got to the café we got our food and went over to our usual table. *clink. Clink. Clink* Heathers sidekicks were tapping their knives on their glasses. Everyone stopped talking and looked toward the door. The doors opened and in walked Heather and her boyfriend. Arm and arm. He was smiling a crazy 'I got my dream girl' smile and Heather was smiling a fake smile. Everyone stood up and started clapping as they walked down the center aisle. 'This? We're going to do this every month just because she has everyone fooled that she is Miss Floras daughter?' I thought. I couldn't believe what this girl could do.


"Attention everyone! Quiet please! HEY! LISTEN UP!" Mrs. K shouted. "I have an announcement. This year we are going to have a welcome back ball. Ladies there will be, temporally, a few dress, shoe, hair, make-up, and other assorted beauty stores on campus. And for the gentleman there will be stores for you as well. This is a boy asks girl, black tie event. But don't worry if you don't get asked. Shops will open in two weeks! You have four weeks until the dance! Have fun!"

All the girls erupted into shrieks and squeals. The boys sat moaning and groaning. Jennifer, Nelli, Emily and I got up from our table and left the café. We walked back to our dorms, we had planned to have sleepover at Nelli, Emily, and mines dorm. Jennifer stopped at her room to grab the things she needed. I stopped at the common room to grab snacks and drinks and Emily and Nelli went to our room to pick out the movies.

  As I walked down the hall I checked my phone. I had two missed calls from Drew one text message from Lily, three texts from Drew and one text message from Malcolm.

Text from Malcolm 6:02 pm: meet me in the common room in five.

I responded saying that I was on my way.  Next I opened the conversation I had with Lily.

Text from Lily 5:40 pm: hey, haven't txted in a while! Wanted 2 chat and have BIG news!

I responded: hey! I miss u! SPILL!!!!!!

Finally I opened Drews conversation.

Text from Drew 5:45 pm: Hey Honey

Text from Drew 6:00 pm: Baby? R u there?

Text from Drew 6:01 pm: Marc! Plz txt me!

I responded: hey! Sorry I didn't respond! I'm just soooo busy over here! I'll call you back later!

I closed out of messaging, turned off my phone and slipped it into my back pocket as I turned into the common room. I saw Malcolm sitting on the couch watching t.v. I walked over to the kitchen area and started making popcorn. As I waited I checked my Instagram feed.

  I felt an arm around my waist. I turned around and saw Malcolm. I don't even hear him get up or turn off the t.v.

"Hello," he said.

"Hi. What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Waiting for you. so I can ask you something. What about you? What are you doing here?"

"Well, I'm here because the girls and I are having a sleepover and I came to get the snacks and drinks."

"Ah. I see."

"So what was so important that you couldn't text me?"

"Well, see..I could've done it over fact it might've been easier, but it didn't seem right."


"Marcy, will you please be my date to the fall dance?"

"Yes!" I cried! I flung my arms around his neck and hugged him. "Now, sorry, but the popcorn is burning!" I let go and turned around to open the microwave. I poured it into the bowl seasoned with salt and butter. Once I was finished Malcolm embraced me into another hug.

"I'm so happy!" He said.

"Me too." I glanced at the clock over his shoulder.

"Hey, as much as I'm enjoying this..I gotta go!"

"Alright. Have fun! Bye!" He said.

I went to grab the popcorn, some chips and soda. Malcolm held open the door for me and followed me out down the hall.


  When I got to my room I knocked on the door and Jennifer came to open it. I walked in and out everything down on the coffee table.

"What took you so long?" Nelli asked.

"I ran into Malcolm," I replied.

"Oooooh," Jen said.

"What did he say?!" Emily asked.

"He asked me to the fall dance!" I exclaimed.

"What?! OMG!"

"Not really a big shock there," Nelli commented.

"You said yes didn't you?!" Jen demanded.

"Of course!" I gushed with a huge smile. Everyone ran over and hugged me!

"What movie are we watching?" I asked.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest," Emily replied.

"That won't be too scary for you will it?" Jennifer teased, "we won't need to call Malcolm so you have someone to snuggle will we?"

"No. I'll be okay. Thanks though."

"Ok...because he does love like right down the hall."

Emily put the movie in and we sat down to watch.

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