When Everything Came Crashing Down

Aaliyha Malik's life is perfect. She has amazing parents, great friends, and is close cousins with The Malik's and when I say the Maliks I mean Zayn Maliks family. What could possibly go wrong? A tragic accident changes Aaliyah's life forever and that's when everything comes crashing down on her.


1. Proluge

"This is your new cousin," Trica says to a six year old Zayn.

"What's her name," he asks looking at the sleeping baby in his moms arms.

"Aaliyha," his aunt Noor says. Eight year old Donyia slid off the plastic to look at her new cousin.

"She looks like you," Trica says looking at the sleeping baby.

"Omar hold Aaliyha, I want to take picture," Yassar tells his younger brother. Trica carefully hands over Aaliyah trying not to wake her up. Omar stands next to his wife holding little Aaliyah in his hands.

"She dose look like you," Omar says handing the baby over to Noor once Yassar is done taking pictures.

"She's opening her eyes," Noor says looking at her daughter. Everyone gathers around the hospital bed. Aaliyha slowly opens her eyes and looks around the room and back at her mom.

I will always protect you, I won't let you go. I love you.

Noor promises looking into Aaliyha's chocolate brown eyes. Yassar takes a few more pictures as Aaliyha looks around the room again. Her eyes stop at her dad and Noor hands her over to him. After a while Noor starts to get tired. A nurse comes and put's Aaliyha in her crib while everyone leaves, leaving only Omar, Noor, and Aaliyha in the room.


New story guys, I hope y'all like it.


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