When Everything Came Crashing Down

Aaliyha Malik's life is perfect. She has amazing parents, great friends, and is close cousins with The Malik's and when I say the Maliks I mean Zayn Maliks family. What could possibly go wrong? A tragic accident changes Aaliyah's life forever and that's when everything comes crashing down on her.


8. Chapter 7

Aaliyah's POV

"Omar!" Mum screams taking my hand. I watch the 18 wheeler truck come tumbling towards us, crashing into our car. Mum lies on the side of the freeway and Dad is trapped in the car. Sirens blare from every direction, people are rushing everywhere.

I wake up screaming; I untangle myself from the duvet cover and sit on my bed scared to fall asleep again. This is the fifth nightmare I had since the accident. The doctor had told me that this would happen, but I didn't believe him until the first one. The nightmares only got worse; Aunt Tricia and Doniya came running into my room hearing my screams.

"What happened, love?" Aunt Tricia asks in a panicked voice.

"I had a bad dream," I tell her.

She pulls me into a hug, "Doniya go get her a glass of water."

"What happened?" Uncle Yasser asks coming into my room a few seconds after Doniya came in with my glass of water.

"She had a bad dream," Aunt Tricia says as I drink my water. Uncle Yasser and Aunt Tricia stay with me until I have calmed down then go back to their room. Doniya stays for a little longer.

"When will they go away?" I ask staring at my black and white duvet cover.

"Soon," Doniya says pulling me into a hug. We sit like that for a while her hugging me and me staring at my duvet cover which I know found surprisingly interesting.

"I saw chocolate in the kitchen," Doniya says breaking the silence that blankets over us. I get out of bed and fallow her down the trying not to run into anything or wake anyone up.

"Ow!" I whisper scream.

"You ok?" Doniya asks looking back to see if I'm ok.

"Yea just ran into the corner of the counter."

Doniya, Wlaiyah, and I use to do this all the time when I use to sleep over. After Aunt Tricia, Uncle Yasser, and Safaa were asleep the three of us would come down and take some candy and crisps with us. I think Aunt Tricia knew about that but didn't say anything.

Once we have our candy and crisps we go back up to my room, sit on my bed and eat. "Remember doing this when we were little?"

"Yea," I say plopping a piece of chocolate in my mouth. Once all the candy and crisps were gone Doniya said we should go to back to sleep.

I'm scared to go back to sleep. What if I have another nightmare? I felt bad for waking Aunt Tricia and Uncle Yasser every night with my screaming. Every night I would try to stay up as long as I could, but I would end up falling asleep around 10:00 pm.

I lie awake watching my fan spin slowly.  The clock on my side table read 2:30 am. I sigh. This would be a long night.


"And this is where assemble things," Our tour guide goes on. We were on a field trip to some factory place for science. I had already been here twice now, and it is the most boring place you will ever go. I quickly log onto twitter.

@AaliyahMalikxx: Someone save me x ;) 

I fallow my group to the next part of our tour. I really wish Hailey was in my group, we were all dived into groups and I was stuck with people I didn't know.

@LouisTomlinson: @AaliyahMalikxx: SUPERR MAAANNN!!!!!

@AaliyahMalikxx: @LouisTomlinson: haha x ;)

@LouisTomlinson: @AaliyahMalikxx Where are you? Super Man will come and save you!

@AaliyahMalikxx: @LouisTomlinson At some factory for a field trip :P x ;)

@LouisTomlinson: @AaliyahMalikxx Can't save you there :/ tell me how it goes xx

@AaliyahMalikxx: @LouisTomlinson haha if I survive :P x

I sign off of twitter and shove my phone in my back pocket before I get caught. We were now in back in the room where we started our whole trip.

"What are we doing?" I ask sliding into the chair beside Hailey.

"We have to fill out that sheet he's going to pass out about the factory," she says passing me a piece of paper.

"I didn't pay attention," I tell her as my piece of paper stares at me.

"I didn't either, I almost feel asleep." We start filling out our paper the best we can then copying of each others in the end. The ride back to school was a lot more exciting them the factory. Two hours and a lot of traffic later we arrived back to school. Hailey, Logan, and I were sitting in front of our school waiting for someone to come pick us up.

"It's so cold," I say wrapping my sweater tighter around me.

"At least you have a sweater," Hailey says that was wearing a light pink short sleeve shirt with black skinny jeans.

"How are you lasses cold?" Logan asks looking over at us.

"its -20 degrees out here," I say exaggerating a little bit.

20 minutes later I was in my room with my homework scattered around me when Louis decides to call me.

"Hi," I say putting my phone on speaker and setting it down next to me.

"Superman has come to save you!" Louis screams into the phone.

"Superman’s a little late," I tell him.

"So I see you have survived the miserable field trip," he says still using his Superman voice.


"Thanksgiving is coming up," Louis says using his normal voice now.

"One more week, just one more week of school."

"Zayn told me you got your cast off."

"Yup," I say popping the 'p'. "I can finally use two hands now."  We talk for a few more  minuets before Harry comes and snatches the phone away from him.

"Hi love," Harry says into the phone.


"When's your Thanksgiving break?"

"Two weeks, two long weeks."

"That's mine!" I hear Louis scream in the back making me laugh.

"I put the phone on speaker," Harry tells me.

"I have speaker on too," I tell him finishing up the last problem on my algebra homework.

"Is that Aali?" Zayn asks from somewhere.

"Yup," I say before Harry could answer. I talk with the lads until Aunt Tricia says it's time for dinner. She told Zayn she would call him later and told me to tell Doniya dinner is ready.

"Doniya dinner's ready," I say skipping down the hall with my arms linked with Safaa who I found in the hallway.

"Mum made lasagna," Safaa adds.

"You tell me this now?!" I ask unlinking my arm from Safaa and racing downstairs into the kitchen.

"You should have seen how fast she ran when Safaa mentioned lasagna," Doniya says once we are all sitting at the table eating.

"What would she do if it didn’t exist," Waliyah says shaking her head.

"No one can separate me and my lasagna. I need my lasagna," I say making everyone laugh.

Doniya, Waliyah, Safaa, and I stayed up late watching movies in the living room. We had pushed the coffee table to the side to lay out our blanket and pillows. A big bowl of popcorn was in the sat in front of us. We were currently watching Despicable Me 2 and were going to watch Smurfs 2 next. I really loved our Friday movie nights we had whenever we slept over at each other houses.

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