When Everything Came Crashing Down

Aaliyha Malik's life is perfect. She has amazing parents, great friends, and is close cousins with The Malik's and when I say the Maliks I mean Zayn Maliks family. What could possibly go wrong? A tragic accident changes Aaliyah's life forever and that's when everything comes crashing down on her.


5. Chapter 4

Aaliyah's POV

"I don't want to go outside," I tell Waliyah who was sitting on my bed.

"It's been a week since you left your room," she says.

"I been downstairs and other places in the house," I say looking up at her. I was lying on my stomach on my bed.

"That doesn’t count. You have to go outside it will make feel better."

"I feel fine."

"You've been crying for the past week, and you look like a mess."

"Not the whole week," I say sitting up.

"Please come with us, you need to do something that will take your mind off of all this."

"Aaliyha are you coming with us?" Louis asks coming into the room.

"Yes she is," Waliyah says answering for m.

"But-" I say.

"No buts’, you're coming with us," Waliyah says getting off my bed and heading to her room to get ready.  I sigh and force myself off my bed.

"Chin up love," Louis says. "You will be laughing and smiling by the end of this brilliant day."

"I guess," I say looking at him.

"We'll be waiting downstairs," he says. I go and find something to wear, I decide on a pair of jeans and a plain, long sleeve, white, button down top. Waliyah was right; I did look like a mess. My hair was tangled, I had light bags under my eyes, dries tears stains were on cheek, and the scratches on face from the accident made everything worse.

"I heard Waliyah finally got you to get out the house," Zayn says appearing at the bathroom doorway.

"Yes," I say trying to brush my hair with one hand. Zayn takes the brush from my hand and starts brushing it for me. I wash my face and put on a bit of concealer under my eyes to hide the bags, I leave my scratches alone.

"Why do even put that on?" Zayn asks as I'm putting on concealer.

"So I won't look like a monster and scare everyone," I tell him handing my ponytail holder.

"You don't look like a monster," Zayn says trying my hair in a ponytail.

"I have a broken arm and scratches everywhere on my face," I say holding up my cast and pointing at scratched face.

"You don't look that bad," Zayn says as we walk down the stairs. 

"Aaliyah!" Niall says giving me a Horan Hug.

"How do you feel?" Aunt Tricia asks giving me cookie to eat.

"Okay I guess," I tell her following her into the kitchen.

"Aunt Tricia?"  I ask her once we are far enough from the lads.

"Yes love," she says putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

"Yesterday you said something about a promise and Mum, what is the promise?" Aunt Tricia stops what she's doing, dries her hands and sits down on one of the chairs.

"When you were born, your Mum promised she would always love you and protects you and wouldn't let you go," Aunt Tricia says looking at me. "You are like my own daughter and now I feel like I have to keep the promise she made. And I will, I love you."

"I love you too," I tell her giving her a hug.

"Aali, ready to go?" Zayn asks using my nickname Mum had given me.

"Have fun, your Mum and Dad wouldn't want to see you sad," Aunt Tricia says getting up and heading over to the sink again. I nod and follow Zayn out to the car.

"Where are we going?" I ask as we get in the car.

"It's a surprise," Liam says. We get on the freeway and immediately start panicking.

"It'll fine," Waliyah says loud enough for me to hear over the lads. We drive for an hour, and in that hour the lads have gotten me laugh and smile which made Zayn and Waliyah really happy.

"We're here!" Louis says parking the car.

"The Zoo," Waliyah asks reading the sign.

"Let's see the lion first," Harry says running towards the entrance fallowed by the rest of the lads.

"I can't run," I tell Waliyah who was walking next to me.

"Neither can I," she says. By the time we got to the entrance Louis, Niall, and Harry had gone to see the lion. We wonder around the zoo stopping by animals to feed them from the bag of food they had handed us at the entrance.

"There's a goat," Liam says as one of the goats came walking up to us.

"She fancy's you," Zayn says as the goat rubs her head on Liam's arm. Waliyah takes a picture of him and the goat and sends it to Liam.

"Lou I found them!" Harry shouts coming over to where we are.

"We got mobbed by deer’s," Louis says once he and Niall reach us.

"What did you do to them?" Liam asks petting the goat that had been rubbing its head on him.

"They wanted food and they saw the bag and started chasing us," Harry explains.

"Where's the bag?" I ask seeing that none of them had the bag.

"We dropped it so they would stop chasing us," Niall says before he bursts out laughing. Waliyah and I join him as the rest of the lad make jokes in between their laughter.

"The next headlines will be 'One Direction Get Chased by Deer's,' " Zayn says laughing.

By the time I had gotten home my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Louis had been right I am laughing and smiling at the end of this brilliant day. I sit down on the coach next to Uncle Yasser as Waliyah and Zayn enter the house.

"It's good to see that smile back on your face," Uncle Yasser says giving me a side hug.

"Aren't you glad I made you get out of the house?" Waliyah asks getting some water.

"Yes," I say looking up at her. Waliyah was a year older than me, but we acted the same age.

"Go wash your hands; dinner's ready," Aunt Tricia says placing the food on the table. I get up and follow Waliyah and Zayn upstairs. It took me about 10 minutes to wash my hand since I still wasn't use to using only one hand.

"It's nice to see that smile again," Doniya says who had just came back from work.

"Did I really look like a mess for the past week?" I ask waiting for her wash her hands.

"You looked terrible, but you look wonderful now," Doniya says as we join everyone else for dinner.

"Do we have to go to school," Safaa complains reminding me that tommrow is Monday.

"Yes love," Uncle Yasser says as I somehow manage to scoop spaghetti on my plate without dropping it everywhere. I sat there trying to eat my spaghetti with my left hand. I didn't complain when my arm hurt, or why couldn't I have broken my left arm instead of my right arm. I was really thankful that I was still alive after the accident.  Aunt Tricia was right that Mum and Dad didn't want to see depressed; from now on whatever I would do I would try to make Mum and Dad happy.

"Need help, love?" Doniya asked looking at me struggling to eat with my left hand.

"I think I got it," I tell her finishing the last bit of spaghetti on my plate. "Thanks," I pick up my plate and take it to the sink and help clean up the table.

"I'll clean the table, you have some fun," Aunt Tricia says taking the plates from my hand. I nod and go upstairs to my room.

My room was a complete mess, just like I had been for the past week. I decided to clean my room starting by making the bed and opening the curtains. There really wasn't really a point in making the bed since I would crawl back in it once I was done cleaning the rest of my room. Once my bed is made and my curtains are open I start cleaning the rest of my tornado hit room.

"Aali," Zayn says coming into my almost clean room. "We were all going to get ice cream want to come?" I put the last dirty item of clothing in the laundry basket before answering

"Of course she's coming," Waliyah answers for me, looking around my now clean room. "Who can say no to ice cream?" I manage to retie my hair in a ponytail with Waliyah's help and then go downstairs where Safaa and Doniya are waiting.

"Don't stay out to long," Uncle Yasser calls after us as we leave the house. The air was nice and warm like it usually is in Bradford. The park was filled with laughter from little kids who were enjoying their weekend. The park Mum and Dad had brought me to thousands of time when I was little, the same park where I would spend time with my friends when we didn't know where to go.

"What flavor do you want?" Safaa asks as we enter the ice cream shop.

"Vanilla," I tell her and she skips off to Doniya to tell her what flavor I wanted. We pay for our ice cream and then head over to the park.

"Thanks," I tell Waliyah sitting down on one of the swings.

"For what?"

"For making me get out of the house," I tell her finishing my ice cream.

"Told you it would make you feel better," she says before letting out a shriek and griping the metal bar/ rope tightly. Zayn comes running out from underneath her while pushing her.

"That wasn't funny," Waliyah says to a laughing Zayn and Safaa.

"Sorry love," Zayn says sitting on the swing next to Waliyah. After awhile I got up and went down the slides with Safaa. By the time Doniya told us we had to go home I was exhausted.

"I'm too tired to walk," Safaa complains.

"Now you won't have to walk," Zayn says giving Safaa a piggyback ride.

The walk back home was filled with constant talking. Zayn was teasing Waliyah, Doniya was teasing him, and Safaa was laughing, enjoying it all. This is my new life, with somewhat of a new family.

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