When Everything Came Crashing Down

Aaliyha Malik's life is perfect. She has amazing parents, great friends, and is close cousins with The Malik's and when I say the Maliks I mean Zayn Maliks family. What could possibly go wrong? A tragic accident changes Aaliyah's life forever and that's when everything comes crashing down on her.


4. Chapter 3

Aaliyah's POV

I got off the hospital bed and take the long black and white dress into the bathroom. Today was the day I would be let out of the hospital, today was also my parent’s funeral. I change into the dress trying not to hurt my arm. I slip on my sandals and join Aunt Tricia in the room. I put the folded hospital gown on the bed, and then go downstairs to the front desk. Uncle Yasser had already checked me out and had a few papers in his hand.

"Do we have to take the freeway?" I ask, my voice barley above a whisper, as we pull out of the parking lot.

"We'll go the other," Uncle Yasser says. I was scared of freeways and big trucks now. I put my head on Zayn's shoulder; we were going to the mosque first to pray then to the cemetery.

"Here's a scarf," Waliyah says handing me a scarf and a hair tie. Waliyah ends up tying my hair and putting on my scarf since I couldn't. The ride to the mosque was quite, we had taken the longer way since I didn't want to go on the freeway.

Uncle Yasser parks the car and we go inside. Uncle Yasser and Zayn went through the men's entrance and the rest of us went through the women's entrance. The mosque was filled with friends, family, and other people I had never met before.

We find a place to sit and listen to the imam as he gives his speech, once he was done we prayed. Lots of people came up to me hugging me, telling me that they will pray for me, and things will get better. They had the coffin lid open for anyone who wanted to see Mum again for the last time.

I walk over to where she was lying, her hair was perfectly in place and a smile was on her lips.

"I'll miss you Mum, I love you," I whisper as a tear slides down my cheek. "Can I see Dad?" I ask Aunt Tricia once we all looked at Mum for the last time.

"Once most of the men leave," Aunt Tricia says. I go over to my Grandmum from my Mum side and hug her.

"It's going to be okay; be strong," Grandmum says in Urdu.

"I will," I say looking up at her. She had tear stains on her cheek and I'm pretty sure I did too.

"You're Mum is very proud of you and so is your dad," she says. I give her a small smile and wipe my tears away.  Aunt Tricia comes over and says that I can see Dad now. I say bye to Grandmum and head over to the men's area.

"Thank you for everything, I love you," I whisper to Dad as another tear rolls down my cheek. Uncle Yasser puts his hand on my shoulder looking at Dad. I watch as some people come and put the lid on the coffin and take the coffin to the car and drive to the cemetery where they would meet us.

"Do you want to get some flowers?" Uncle Yasser asks looking in the rearview mirror at me the way Dad always did.

"Yes," I tell him. We pull up in front of a flower shop, Doniya and I go inside I pick out red roses and flower petals to put on top of their graves.

"Mum liked roses," I tell Doniya as we wait in line to check out.

"She'll love them," Doniya says.

"Will Dad like them?" I ask looking up at her.

"He'll like them too, especially since they're from you," Doniya says. We reach the counter and pay for the roses and rose petals.

"What flowers did you pick?" Safaa asks once I get in the car.

"Roses," I tell her giving her a small smile. We arrive at the cemetery; there were a lot of people the lads were there too. We join them at the front and we start digging a hole. I burst out crying the second they scoop out the first pile of dirt. Aunt Maryam wrapped me in a hug; I watched them make the hole bigger and bigger through my tears until it was big enough to put one of the coffins in.

They take out Dads first and gently put it in the ground and starts covering it with dirt. I burry my head in Aunt Maryam's shirt and cry. Uncle Yasser places the stone that had Dad's name and his life span on it, and then they started digging Mum hole. They did the same things with Mum's only Uncle Ahmed, Mum's older brother, placed her stone.

Aunt Maryam whispers and tells me to place the roses on their graves. I pass the bag of rose petals to Safaa and she follows me. Everyone was watching us; I place half of the flowers on Mum's grave and the other half on Dad's. Safaa sprinkled the bag of rose petals onto their graves until the bag was empty.

Everyone slowly start to leave saying that they will pray for us. We were the last ones to leave and I cried silently the rest of the way home. To my new home. We pull up into the drive way and I get out of the car. Aunt Trica unlocks the door and we all go inside.

"You want to go see your room," Safaa says brightly. I knew she was trying to cheer me up.

"Sure," I say putting a smile on my face to please her. She takes my good hand and leads up the stairs down one of the hallways and stops in front of one of the doors.

"Close your eyes," she says eagerly. I close my eyes and hear her open the door; she takes my hand and pulls me into the room. "Open your eyes."

I open my eyes and look around my new room. The walls were white with a few of my art works hanging on them, the bed comforter was white with light blue polka dots, 5 pillows sat on the bed each smaller than the one behind it, there was a white desk in the corner next to the window, light blue curtains draped the window, two shelf’s were put against the wall. I walk around the room looking at everything, everything from my old room was here and there were some new things too. I stop in front of a picture frame, the frame was black and inside was a picture of Mum, Dad, and me.

"Do you like it?" Aunt Trica asks appearing at the doorway.

"I love it, thank you," I say smiling at her.

"Don't thank me Waliyah and Doniya did all of this," Aunt Trica says returning the smile.

"Thank you," I say to Doniya and Waliyah who were standing behind her.

"Did you see the closet?" Doniya asks coming into the room. The closet wasn't that big but it was brilliant. The clothes that I mostly wore were hung on hangers, the other that I sometimes wore were folded neatly on the shelf on the right, my formal clothes were folded neatly on the left sleeves, my shoes were placed on the bottom shelf, and my other things were placed on the top shelf.

"I love it thank you," I tell Doniya and Waliyah giving them a hug. I change out of my dress and put on yoga pants and a t-shirt; I look at Mum and Dad’s picture again before going downstairs to join everyone for dinner.


Aaliyah's Parents


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