When Everything Came Crashing Down

Aaliyha Malik's life is perfect. She has amazing parents, great friends, and is close cousins with The Malik's and when I say the Maliks I mean Zayn Maliks family. What could possibly go wrong? A tragic accident changes Aaliyah's life forever and that's when everything comes crashing down on her.


15. Chapter 14

Aaliyah's POV

"Doniya hurry up," Uncle Yasser shouts from the bottom of the stairs. "We're going to be late!"

"Why do we all have to go?" Safaa says putting on her boots.

"This will be the last time we all have to go," Uncle Yasser says sighing.

"Aaliyah where's your bag?" Aunt Tricia asks.

"In Zayn's car," I tell her following everyone out to the two cars parked in the drive way.

We had another meeting with the lawyer and the lawyer wanted to see all of us. After the meeting with the lawyer I would go and spend half of winter break with Aunt Maryam and come back home next weekend. I would get to see my cousins from Mum's side of the family that still lived here.

Waliyah and Safaa get in Zayn's car and Doniya, Aunt Tricia, and I get in Uncle Yasser's car. I lean my head against the cold, glass window watching cars pass by.

Aunt Tricia is giving Uncle Yasser directions and Doniya is texting one of her friends from Uni. I try not to panic as we climb on to the freeway. The freeway where the accident happened.

People would think that by now I wouldn't miss Mum and Dad as much, but every day I miss them even more. You would think that I would be my happy self again, but I'm not. No matter how hard I try to be the same person I was before the accident I won't be the same person. Nothing will be the same no matter how hard anyone tries to make it all the same it won't. Every day I wonder what it would be like if Mum and Dad were still here. Every day I think that this is just a bad dream and Dad will be waking me up in the morning to go to school. I wish the accident never happened. I wish we never went to the lake.

I let out a soft sigh, as we get stuck in traffic. We slowly move to the reason why the freeway is blocked up. An accident. Police men are handling traffic, fireman are helping the paramedics get the injured people inside the ambulance to the hospital. Tears gather in my eyes and I can't help but remember what had happened to Mum, Dad and I.

"I love you Mum, I love you Dad," I say interrupting the quietness in the car.

"I love you too," they say. Mum turns around and squeezes my hand, and Dad gives me a smile from the rearview mirror.

"Omar!" Mum screams. I quickly look up and see an 18 wheeler headed our way. I stare at it in shock; Mum reaches over and grabs my hand while Dad was trying to get control over the car without getting hit. The truck hit's our car and that was the last thing I remember before everything went black.

"It's ok," Doniya says pulling me into a hug. "Everything is going to be ok." We start moving again and pass the accident. I silently pray that everything will be all right for the family in the accident.

We reach the courthouse thirty minutes late because of the traffic. The secretary lady stars flirting with Zayn again and we go into the meeting room where Mr. Taylor was waiting for us.

"Good afternoon," Mr. Taylor says getting up. We say our hi's and I prepare myself for the hour long meeting. I usually just listened and sometimes zone out of the conversation. Nothing exciting happened at these meetings.

"I was looking over some papers," Mr. Taylor says shuffling papers around. I try not to fall asleep as the meeting continues. In the end Mr. Taylor, Aunt Tricia and Uncle Yasser have planed that during summer break I would be going to the states to visit Mum's brother.

"Finally it's over," Zayn says getting into his car.

"At least it's the last time you have to come," I say buckling up.

"They will get better," Zayn says pulling out of the parking lot. I lean my head back and let out a sigh, and I log onto twitter. I scroll through my notifications briefly reading over them. I had been getting more hate than I usually did. I tried my best to ignore them but some of them were really rude.

"Ignore it," Zayn says looking over at my phone.

"I try," I say sighing again and putting my phone down. "When's your concert?"

"In a few weeks," Zayn says smiling. "You're coming to the concert."


"Yup I got the tickets yesterday. The lads got tickets for their families too."

The new album was almost complete; there were just a few more songs that needed to be recorded. Once the album was completed they would perform all the songs at O2 arena. 

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