When Everything Came Crashing Down

Aaliyha Malik's life is perfect. She has amazing parents, great friends, and is close cousins with The Malik's and when I say the Maliks I mean Zayn Maliks family. What could possibly go wrong? A tragic accident changes Aaliyah's life forever and that's when everything comes crashing down on her.


13. Chapter 12

Aaliyha's POV

"C'mon Aaliyah," Doniya begs trying to get me off the couch.

"I don't want to go outside," I say snuggling into my blanket.

"But it's snowing outside," Safaa says wearing her big, poufy coat.

"Why can't I just sit here and cry?" I ask not moving.

"Aunt Noor wouldn't want to see you like this," Doniya says. "She would want to see you smiling and having a great time."  Today was Mum's birthday and all I had done was cry and sit on the couch.

"Please Aaliyha," Waliyah begs. "Aaroosa is coming."

"Why don't you go outside for a little while," Uncle Yasser says.

"I'll go outside for a little while," I say dragging myself off of the couch and into my room. I put on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a light pink sweater that had a black bow in the middle. I brush my hair and leave it down, and but on a black beanie and a clean pair of socks. I grab my black pea coat and my boots that looked like Ugg boots but weren't.

"I'm ready," I say walking to wear Doniya, Waliyah, Safaa, and Aaroosa were waiting for me.

"Snow!" Safaa screams running outside and falling down into the snow. We head over to the gigantic field by our house and hang out there.

"Carrot." Aaroosa says. "He needs a nose."

"I'll go get one," Doniya says. We made a gigantic snowman and a lot of snow angles. Doniya comes back with a scarf, hat, and a carrot. Safaa finds pebbles and puts them as the buttons. I give Aaroosa my phone to take a picture of me and Waliyah with the snowman.

@AaliyahMalikxx: Look what we made xx pic.twitter.com/uADFGFGTEWb

@ZaynMalikxx: @AaliayahMalikxx having fun without me xx

@AaliyahMalikxx: @ZaynMalik tons :D xx

I post another picture on twitter of Doniya, Waliyah, Safaa, and Aaroosa with the snowman. After playing in the snow for two hours we go back inside.

"I can't feel my hands," Aaroosa says taking a sip of her hot chocolate. I sit down on the same coach I had been sitting on before Waliyah, Doniay, and Safaa made me get up. I stare at my steaming cup of hot chocolate that warmed up my hands.

"It's not that cold," I say jumping in the snow.

"Yes it is love," Mum says standing on the porch.

"Please," I beg.

"C'mon Noor," Dad says taking her hand and pulling her into the snow.

"Liyah button up your coat," Mum says buttoning up my coat for me. I break an icicle off of the tree and lick it.

"I like snow," I say throwing a handful of snow up in the air and watching it all fall down. 

"That sounds familiar, doesn’t it?" Dad says smiling and looking at Mum.

"Aaliyah," Aunt Tricia says coming down and sitting down next to me.

"Yea?" I say coming back to the present.

"What are you thinking about?" She asks, I notice that I'm the only one that’s left sitting in the living room. 

"Mum," I say taking a sip of my hot chocolate that wasn't very hot anymore.

"She loved you very much," Aunt Tricia says giving me a small smile.

"Did she really like snow as much as I do?" I ask remembering the memory again.

"Yes, she loved it." I finish up my hot chocolate and join Waliyah and Aaroosa in Waliyah's room.


"Let's use the snowflake and the gingerbread one," Safaa says placing the two cookie cutters on the counter. Safaa and I got bored and decided to make cookies. I roll out the dough and Safaa and I cut out snowflakes and gingerbread man. I place the last snowflake on the cookie try and place it in the oven. We are cleaning up our mess when the phone rings.

"I got it!" Safaa says before answering the phone. I finish washing the bowl and put it in the dishwasher to dry. "It's Zayn," Safaa says giving the phone to Aunt Tricia.

"Safaa could you get out the icing," I say taking the cookies out of the oven and placing the try on place mats.

Once we finish icing the cookies we put them on a plate and place it on the counter where everyone can see them and can be eaten.

"Now what should we do?" I ask taking a cookie and eating it.

"Just Dance!" Safaa says looking through the stack of games we had for the Kinect.

"Yes!" I say pushing the coffee table against the wall.

For the rest of the day we played all the Just Dance games we had and danced to every song. By the end my legs ached from dancing so much and Aaroosa had made a vine of me and Safaa dancing and put it on twitter.

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