When Everything Came Crashing Down

Aaliyha Malik's life is perfect. She has amazing parents, great friends, and is close cousins with The Malik's and when I say the Maliks I mean Zayn Maliks family. What could possibly go wrong? A tragic accident changes Aaliyah's life forever and that's when everything comes crashing down on her.


2. Chapter 1

Aaliyha's POV

"Aaliyha come on we're leaving," Mum said from the picnic table.

"C'mon Safaa," I said as she cachets the ball before it rolls into the lake.

"Why don't we all come over to our house," Uncle Yassar says as I reach the car.

"Where's Zayn," Doniya asks trying to find her brother.

"He said he would be right back," Wahliya says.

"And I'm back," Zayn says picking up Safaa and giving her a kiss on the cheek. I get into my car and Uncle Yassar leads the way back to his house.

"How did you like the lake," Mum asks as we get on the freeway.

"It was pretty," I say.

"We'll come back again," Dad promises looking at me through the rearview mirror. I give him a smile and he returns it. Our car passes by Zayn's, Safaa waves at me I wave back and stick my tongue out at Zayn who was making faces. Mum laughs at the faces Zayn was making.

"Just like when he was little," Mum says with a smile on her face.

Mum was pretty, her wavy black hair was let down and she had a smile on her face. I had her wavy, black hair and my dads chocolate brown eyes. Everyone said I looked more like Mum then my Dad.

"I love you Mum, I love you Dad," I say interrupting the quietness in the car. I had a feeling that I had to tell them I love them. I can't really describe the feeling, but you know how there is a voice in the back of your head telling you to do something. Well the voice was telling me I had to tell them I love them right now.

"I love you too," they say. Mum turns around and squeezes my hand, and Dad gives me a smile from the rearview mirror. We drive in silence for a while and I get comfortable in my seat knowing we had a while before we reached Waliyah's house.

"Omar!" Mum screams giving me a mini heart attack. I had never heard my Mum scream, I mean yea she raised her voice a little when she would be mad but she would never scream.

I quickly look up to find an 18 wheller truck tumbling our way. I stare at it in shock, my mind goes blank for a while before I start praying that everything will be okay for us. Dad was trying to get control over our car without getting hit by the truck and without hitting anyother cars. I hear a loud crash and screams, and that's the only thing I remember before everything gose black.

Zayn's POV

"Mum!" Safaa screams from the seat next to me.

"Safaa don't scream I'm right here," Mum says.

"The truck hit Aunt Noor's car," Wailyah says panic shown on her face. I look out my window and sure enough a truck had hit their car and it looked really bad. Dad quickly pulls over to the side and stops the car; I rush out of car as Mum calls the ambulance. Safaa bursts out crying and Donyia takes her back to our car so she won't see anything.

"Will they be okay?" Wahliya asks tears streaming down her face coming over and standing next to me.

"I hope," I say hugging her trying to comfort her. I stare at car and truck. All the cars on the freeway had stopped; some people even got out of their cars.

The ambulance comes and takes Aunt Noor, Uncle Omar, and Aaliyah to the hospital. Mum goes with Aaliyah and tells us to meet her at the hospital. I look at their car, it was broken down into pieces. One of the policemen comes over and asks us questions about what we saw. Safaa had seen most of accident happen; once the area got cleaned up we were allowed to go to the hospital.

Mum is standing in the lobby waiting for us; she had tears streaming down her face. I went over and hugged her and she burst out in tears again. I hated seeing my Mum and sisters cry.

"It will be okay Mum," I say trying to reassure her. I didn't even know if it would be okay, I hoped it would be.

"What did the doctors say," Dad says coming over and hugging Mum.

"They haven't said anything yet," Mum says in between sobs. We wait outside of their rooms all night long. Safaa was asleep on Dad's lap, Doniya was trying to comfort Waliyah who was still crying, and Mum had gone to get us something to eat.

"Zayn you should get some rest," Dad said to me quietly. "Take the girls home."

"I don't want to go home," Waliyah says. She had stopped crying now but didn't let go off Doniya. I felt bad for making faces at Aaliyah when she passed by us. If I had known this would have happened I wouldn't have done it. I couldn't hold it anymore; I let a tear slide down my face then another one.

Mum had came back with some food for us to eat; none of us left the hospital. Aunt Noor's sister came rushing in; Mum had called her and told her what happened, she had also called her brother and had told us he was coming over on the first flight to Bradford. We waited all night for anything from the doctors.


Hope you guys like it



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