My Catherine

Catherine is about to debut. And with such, she must prepare herself to face the real world as a woman and hopefully a wife.

Her beauty is startling, and with it come many proposals, but there is only one that matters - mine.
I will do anything to have Catherine be mine for the rest of my life.


4. Chapter Three

Chapter 3:

Somehow, I actually slept during the night and still got up at an acceptable time.

I was just finishing brushing Shadow when Catherine came up beside my horse giving her a light pat before turning her angry violet eyes on me.

"Where you going to ask me?" She placed her hands on her hips.

"Ask you what?" I questioned furrowing my eyebrows in confusion.

"To marry you." She stated simply.

"After I got permission of course."

I was still waiting to hear from her father on the status of my proposal.

"Well, I had to fight all night for it, but father has agreed" she supplied.

And then we both went quiet, absorbing her words and their meaning.

"You fought for me?" I asked quietly

"Of course, there was no one else I wanted" Catherine smiled and I pulled her close.

"Oh my love". I whispered before leaning back and sinking to one knee.

"Catherine Anne Burton, will you marry me?"

She smiled, tears glistening in her eyes when she nodded, unable to form an answer.

I stood, wrapping her in my arms tightly as she wriggled.

"I have go tell my father." She squeezed and bounded away. "I'll see you soon" she called over her shoulder and I waved in shock.

I was going to marry the girl of my dreams.

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