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So for those of you who wanted a second book to Just One Bite... Here you go. If you havens read Just one Bite I suggest you read it to understand what exactly is happening. "I loved her." Elijah breathed out. "I still do and I will be damned if some werewolf from the other side of the tracks steals my one true love away from me!" Elijah spit out the blood from his mouth. He pleaded for the even a bit of sympathy from Luke. Luke loosed his grip from Micheal's neck. "Shes mine. I suggest you both stay away from her." "That's not your choice. Let her decide." Micheal held out his hand to shake. "May the best man win..."


3. Where did the fun go?

Year: 1900:

I ran the brush through Nina's long blonde hair. She stared at herself in the mirror. She liked what she was seeing. Her very own face. She was the splitting image of her father. I always told her: Your beautiful, So you better start telling yourself that. 

He grabbed the make up brush and gently brushed it back and forth against her cheek. Her eyes studied her own face and then studied mine own. She looked at my braid and then at her hair.

"Mother." She said placing the brush down.

"Yes love." I said as I continued to brush her hair.

"How are men not all over you all the time? Your incredibly beautiful."

I laughed. How flattering it was for mine own daughter to call me beautiful. "Nina your the same. How are men not always all over you?" I began to braid her hair because I knew she'd ask me to.

She shook her head. "No mother, I'm not at all like you. You look as if the very Athena is not a goddess but, a fake. Faker than the cup with the blood of the son. Mother looking at you. The fountain of youth does exist."

"Nina you talk of tall tales. Athena does not exist. I think that whole trip to Greece has gotten to your head."

"Mother. I'm serious." She stared at me through the mirror. "Mother your blessed with everlasting youth and you use it not to your advantage. I'd give anything for that." She stared at herself once again. "I may talk of tall tales but they speak louder than God himself. People listen to the stories because it gives them an actual dream."

"It is no more than a dream Nina. The fountain is nothing but a way of hiding the truth. The fountain is really a disguise. A disguise of death. Then to be reborn. Reborn into a monster." I finished her braid and she stayed in her place continuing to look back and forth at the two of us.

"Why do people say that, Vampires can't walk in the sunlight? Your a vampire and you walk under the sun just fine." She asked.

"When death arrives. The body is buried and put to rest. The body is hidden from light. The dead are not supposed to walk around in light but in darkness. It is another tale. People wrote it to give others a sense of comfort. So people could walk around the day scared of nothing. Me? I'm kind enough to play the game along with them."

She giggled. "Mother your evil." She finally stood up and I led her to her bed. I tucked her in and placed a kiss oh her forehead. 

"Sleep now."

"Mum. I want to be a vampire." She said.

"I don't think you want to be 9 forever my dear."

"Tomorrow I will be a lot older mum."

She was right. She wasn't an ordinary baby. She was still my blood. She grew older and older day by day.

"And when your old enough. Is when it will happen. Be patient."

The bedroom door then opened. It was Elijah. Her father.

"Good evening my love." He said stepping in. He placed a kiss to my cheek and looked to his daughter who had grown very much since he saw her yesterday.

"I've come to wish my daughter goodnight and bring my love to bed."

I smiled. He picked Nina up from the bed and tossed her up into the air and hugged her tightly.

She giggled and held on tightly to his neck. "Father when I get older, which will be very soon mother with turn me." She said out of pure joy.

"Oh...Is that right?"

 He grew quiet and placed her back down in bed. He tucker her back in and kissed her long and hard on her forehead. "Rest now princess." 

We exited her room and shut the door behind us. We headed down the hall into our room. By the way he was acting I could see he wasn't happy.

"When did we decide that you'd change our daughter?" He asked.


"Don't. I don't want to hear it."

"Elijah this isn't normal. She grows day by day. She only nine days old. She ages a year every time the sun goes down. In her hundredth day she'll be gone. That's not even a year in life itself."  

He sighed. "I just wanted a normal life. I wanted a normal wife with a child but the child I have isn't even mortal. I can't tell people about her because she ages so quickly. People are beginning to ask questions and I don't know what to tell them." He sat down on the bed with his head down. "I can't do this anymore Jess." 

A tear streamed down my face. "Then leave." I nearly choked on the words. I couldn't bare to see him walk out of our lives. I headed toward the door.

"NO Jessica." He quickly jumped up and stopped me. He placed his hand on my cheek and forced me against the door. "I do not wish to leave you two. You both mean nothing but the world to me. I will not leave you so don't ever think that of me. But I have a not one but 2 conditions we leave town and to another state. If she changes...I change with her."



I walked back into the house. Luke didn't look very happy with me. "Where the hell have you been?" He then noticed the blood stains on my shirt and a few on my lips.

"I was out." I said.

"You fed off someone else didn't you?" He folded his arms.

I laughed at this image. He was acting like an upset father. "Luke calm down. I was hungry and those blood bags aren't very satisfying."

"Jessica this cannot keep happening. The more people you continue to kill the more suspicious people will get. Stop hunting people. Your a vampire not an animal."

I looked at him. "But you are." I stared at him.

He bit his lip. Not knowing whether to feel insulted or not. "Yes but...I am tamed."

I laughed. "Tamed?" I pushed him onto the couch and got on top of him and forced out lips together forcing him to taste innocent blood off my  lips. He wanted to turn away but the taste was overpowering. And well...hello it was me. I can be very persuasive.

He felt up harshly up my legs and to my waist. beginning to use his strength and pushing me closer to him. pressing his lips harder to mine. He suddenly then made his way under my shirt and tore it to pieces.

He began letting out growls against my ear. I liked the sound of it.

I knew this was wrong. Wrong of me to make him want human flesh. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I thought coming back here would make everything go back to normal. But it wasn't. Something inside me was different. I craved blood more than ever and I wanted not love but sex. What happened to me?

Suddenly the front door swung open. In came Amy and Michael.

"Damn it's like live porn." Amy said.

I looked up at them slowly pulling away my lips. "You both have about 4 seconds before I tear both of you to pieces."

"Damn. Your beginning to sound a lot like Alexander."

I chuckled. I then had Michael by his throat and held him against the wall and squeezed tightly. "Don't' ever call me Alexander, you Dick." I released my grip. "What the hell do you two want?"

Amy sat down on the couch. I shook my head at her. She quickly stood back up. "I need your help." She said.

I laughed. "I think that''s hilarious. If you even think for a second I'd help you you've literally lost your mind."

"Oh believe me. You don't have a choice because he'll be coming after you too."

"Excuse me."

"I have been informed that Daddy just found out, I'm not home anymore."

My eyes widened. Damn...Gabriel wasn't joking about this.

"My dads coming to town." She fidgeted. "If we don't find a way to fix all this, We're both screwed." 

"Shit..." I breathed out.

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