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So for those of you who wanted a second book to Just One Bite... Here you go. If you havens read Just one Bite I suggest you read it to understand what exactly is happening. "I loved her." Elijah breathed out. "I still do and I will be damned if some werewolf from the other side of the tracks steals my one true love away from me!" Elijah spit out the blood from his mouth. He pleaded for the even a bit of sympathy from Luke. Luke loosed his grip from Micheal's neck. "Shes mine. I suggest you both stay away from her." "That's not your choice. Let her decide." Micheal held out his hand to shake. "May the best man win..."


4. Dig a hole to hell


I looked over at Elijah who was staring blankly back at me. He had so much love in his eyes. I hated the sight of him. He tricked e into loving him. What a fool I was. He just wanted immortality and he got it. What more did he need from me?

He made his way across the room toward me. I was quick to turn my back to him.

He chuckled at my child like action. Music began to fill the room as the band took there place back onto the stage. Elijah placed his hand over mine and rocked back and forth to the music against the backside of me.

"Darling. When are you going to stop this game you continue to play with me?" He said these words into my ear and breathed down my neck sending chills down my spine.

I pushed him away from me. "What more do you want Elijah? I gave you what you wanted. What else do you want from me?"

"Woman do you still continue to believe I only married you just for your immortality?"

"I don't believe. I know. You must take me for a fool."

"My love." He placed  his hand on my cheek. "I married you because I love you. Your immortality was only an excuse to be with you forever." He looked over to Nina was was flirting with the boys. "For our family to live on forever." He began to lean in for a kiss. Suddenly he stopped just before his lips met mine. He stood there for a moment not moving. Then I realize he was trying to gasp for breath. He then fell onto the floor. Lifeless. I nearly fell into tears. I fell to his side bailing. I then looked at the person standing above me. I was scared to death. It was the one person I couldn't bare to face...Alexander. He played with the dagger he had in his hand. 

"Sister, What did I tell you about falling in love?"


I took a deep breath and glared at the two still standing in my living room. 

"Why did you want me to bring you back if you knew from the beginning your father would drag your ass back down to hell!?" 

"Well if I'm honest, even one single breath of air on this earth would be worth a lifetime in hell." She said.

"So what am I to do? A snap of your fathers fingers will have all of us back in the playroom and I sure as hell refuse to go back."

"Jessica, I'm sorry I really am but if we don't find out a way to keep my father from murdering all of us we're all bound to be locked up in his cage."

The very thought of Lucifer's cage made my skin crawl. God the father put him in there for a reason. It was sealed shut. Then the earth was created. Man was created to be good and evil which allowed the good of heaven and the evil of hell to tie itself. So angels were able to come and go as they were told by god to deliver messages and demons and mythical creature were able to dell amongst humans. 

I looked at the scared expressions on everyones face. My own face? I refused to show I was afraid. I walked in and out of hell. There was no way I could allow anyone to know I was afraid. I looked up above me past the ceiling. "Gabriel!" I shouted.

I suddenly heard soft steps going down the staircase. 

"No need to shout." He said as he continued down the steps. Once his foot met the bottom of the staircase he made his way to the couch. "Amy." He smiled.

She fell to her knees and kissed the very ground he walked on. "Oh uncle!" Her eyes began to tear up. "I beg you, father is after me! Please don't let him torture me! I can't go back down there! He makes me do horrible things!" She pleaded at his feet. 

He picked up her chin with his finger tips and looked her into her red fiery eyes. "Dear child. You have faced enough down in hell."

She nodded and continued on with her tears.

"However its clear to me your time in hell has clearly made you as much of a liar as your father. I can still see right through you." He stood to his feet causing Amy to fall back. 

She sighed and dusted off her leggings. "It was worth a shot."
"Am I missing something?" I asked.

"Missy over here." He placed his arm over her shoulder. "Pleaded to The father to let her stay in heave. She made promises and swore she was nothing like her father Lucifer. Father gave her a chance and she deceived every angel she could. She lied to gods face which he knew she was lying when she made those promises."
"Then why did he allow her to stay?" Luke asked.
"To show me what I would be missing if I didn't change my ways. God knew I was lying but when a spirit makes a promise he sees the 2 paths we can follow. Obviously he saw me following my evil ways and the other one of me coming out and me having a change in heart. You can guess which one I chose."
"I would've sent her straight down to hell even if she begged." I growled to her.

She rolled her eyes. "Gabriel." She said. "What do we do?"
"Chances are Lucifer already knows where you are." He began to pace back and forth. "We don't have much time. We have to-"
Suddenly there was a thundering knock on the door. 
The room was quiet. You could hear nothing but our hearts pounding. Something about that knock made it differ from any other. And the feeling in the room made it clear that it wasn't any human behind that door. The emotion I was feeling reminded me of the one place I did not want to go back to...Hell.
We all jumped as there was another knock.
I took a deep breath and slowly walked to the door. I placed my hand on the knob and gently turned it. I looked back to Gabriel who was calm. Then to Amy who had nothing but fear in her very eyes. 
I swallowed my fear and pulled the door open...

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