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So for those of you who wanted a second book to Just One Bite... Here you go. If you havens read Just one Bite I suggest you read it to understand what exactly is happening. "I loved her." Elijah breathed out. "I still do and I will be damned if some werewolf from the other side of the tracks steals my one true love away from me!" Elijah spit out the blood from his mouth. He pleaded for the even a bit of sympathy from Luke. Luke loosed his grip from Micheal's neck. "Shes mine. I suggest you both stay away from her." "That's not your choice. Let her decide." Micheal held out his hand to shake. "May the best man win..."


1. Cheers

Year: 1919

I looked around at the hundreds of people around me. Dancing and drinking. Enjoying the rebellious acts against prohibition. The law had been passed which inspired criminal actions to rise. Illegally exporting alcohol into our country just for the very bit taste of freedom. By the way things were beginning to turn. Women were free. 

We were free from the men who held us down. Free to be our own and get a job and free to have fun and enjoy yourself. No more standing behind a stove and busting our bums just to cook for the one we call love. No more. 

 I enjoyed the sound of the Negros playing their jazz music. The whites dancing uncontrollably as if they were being compelled by the waves of each note played. This was the only way all colors were accepted the act of going against law and playing music is what accepted everyone.

I took a sip of my drink that had been sitting in my glass. My lips hadn't touched the glass for a good 20 minutes since it had been handed to be. I looked at the rim of the glass. My red lipstick had stained it. Women were known to be free yet the bitter taste of the alcohol didn't taste like freedom to me. I didn't feel free. I was still running. Hiding away like a lost poppet. Alexander still wanted my head and all I've ever done was look over my shoulder repeatedly. I wanted to know the taste of freedom. I have never craved anything so bad in life. It was pathetic on how desperate I was. Just for craving it.

I heard laughter of a young girl behind me. The sound of her sweet voice gave me hope. I felt relieved. I turned to face her and she sat herself next to me and pulled along her fellow friend with her. What a poor innocent man he was. Dark hair. Blue eyes. His face screaming for the one thing all humans crave. Love.

"Mum." She said to me. "This is Joshua. I met him here dancing tonight." She licked her lips begging for my approval. She placed her hand onto his cheek wanting to kiss his lips before ripping her sharp vampire teeth into his neck. 

I smiled. "Nina." I finally said. I leaned closer to her ear so only her she could here the evil words that were to slip out of my mouth. "How many times have I told you. Play with your food-"

"Before the feeling of love comes to mind." She finished my sentence. She giggled and headed to back room with her new friend.



I cleared my throat getting Michael's attention. He shot up out of his chair knocking over his beer that was sitting on the counter. "What the hell." His eyes were wide and you could tell by the expression on his face he just saw a ghost.

"Yeah I've been there. It's not fun." I said folding my arms. I pursed my lips together.

Amy laughed as she played with his shirt collar. "I think it was pretty fun." 

"Jess." Luke said. He placed his arm around me. I felt comforted by this action.

"So your the famous Luke." Amy stepped away from Michael and brushed Luke's cheek. Luke pushed her hand away confused at just who this girl was. "Excuse me?" He asked.

"I've learned so much about you." She said. "Well actually all I know is this little love bird." She pinched my cheek. "Is head over heels in love with you."

I slapped her hand away. 

"I'm sorry who are you?" He asked.

"A bitch." I said as I stared deeply into her eyes.

She glared at me. "I'm Amy. I brought your little sweet princess back here so I suggest she fixes her attitude."

I laughed. Who did she think she was? I don't take threats. We may have been in hell where she called the shots but, this isn't hell anymore. "Oh honey I brought you here. I can sure as hell take you back." I Placed my hand on her shoulder and squeezed tightly wanting to crush every single bone in her body.

"Ahh!" She tried removing my hand but, she couldn't.

"You must be a little rusty from the trip up here. Sorry but, your not in Kansas anymore." I learned a few things down in hell. Her being The Devils daughter. She wasn't  meant to have a body. So all that mojo magic crap she had down there didn't exactly follower her here. In hell there was only evil. The feeling that made your skin crawl. Not every being safe in any corner. On earth. there was good and, evil. With the two mixed together the little bit of good that was on earth drained her power. She was nothing but, a pitiful human being on this earth.

"What did you do to me?" She held onto her hurt shoulder as her eyes began to water from the pain.

"I didn't do anything. You wanted to come here you start from the bottom like everyone else." I sat down in Michael's chair and grabbed a bottle of tequila off the counter. and pored three shots. I passed one to Amy and Luke. "Cheers to this." I said as I gulped down the shot and stared at the helpless Amy. The all powerful daughter of Satan himself.

"You Bitch I will take you back-"

"Okay. I will happily meet you at the gates of hell." I poured myself another shot. "The only problem with that however is ow are you going to do that? The magic that linked you to hell is gone. Vanished and left in hell." I gulped down the shot. "Better hope daddy doesn't find you because he will surely bring you back down wouldn't he?"

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