The Doctors Meet Again

Two Doctors meet. That's all there is.


2. 9th Doctor

   "Rose, pull that lever for me!" The Doctor said, pushing buttons and dancing around the console. "Yep!" Rose Tyler replied, doing so. "And dance like a Dalek." Doctor joked. "What?" Rose laughed. "Dace like a Dalek!" Doctor answered as he danced. Laughter filled the TARDIS. Like always. "Rose. You're fantastic! And you know what? So am I."  

  The Doctor opened the doors when it had landed. "No..." The Doctor gasped as he walked up to another Doctor. "Hello again" the future Doctor whispered as they were so close, they could hear eachother's hearts beat. 

"Hello, Doctor." 


Weeping Angels appeared in the TARDIS. But both Doctors stayed still. So with both blinking, the Doctors disappeared. 





Hi. Don't care about winning. So this is as short as it can be. Sorry

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