Who Are You? Really.

Harry is tired of being famous, He wants to restart. But, how do you restart when your in the biggest boyband in the world? You fake your identity, Marcel Daringer. The nerdiest boy in school, he came out of nowhere, nobody cares about him, He's weird... Different. That was until Dylan Payzach came along.


3. Chapter 3~ Dylan's Boyfriend

╫ Harry ╫

It’s been about 3 weeks seince Dylan moved here and Eric Wagner, has been all over her. She doesn’t seem to mind much though. I do, a lot. I think I might be falling for her, shes beautiful, smart... badass. She talks to me, everyday... She even bothers to be the only person to sit with me in lunch. I was sitting in Maths class, we had this class together. She walked in, sitting beside me.

"Morning Marcy!" She smiled, using the nickname she gave me.

"Good Morning Dylan, What's going on." I smiled back.

"Eric asked me out!" She exclaimed loud enough for the whole class to hear. Jealousy coursed through my vains.

"Good for you Dylan." I said through gritted teeth, a fake smile plastered to my face.

"I know right!"

》》¤ After School ¤

School just ended, and Eric's life will soon too. He walked home, considering he's failed drivers ed, about a billion times. I followed after him, soon catching up to him, nobody was around, here was my chance.

I grabbed him by the coller slamming him against a wall.

"What the Fuck man!" He hollered.

"This is what you get for asking Dylan out, I know you and your just gonna hurt her." I said, my normal non-nerd voice breaking free.

"I never knew you were this strong Marcel..." He quivered. I raised my fist, It soon collided with the side of his face. Immediately his eye getting a purple-ish color.

"Ouch!! The fuck Marcel, or should I say, Marcy." He snickered, making me hit him again.

"Tell anybody and your dead, you better break it off with Dylan." I hissed.

"I only want her for the sex anyway!" He called over his shoulder, as he ran off.

★< At Home >★

I texted Dylan as soon as I got through the door of my flat.

(D~Dylan /\ H~ Harry)

H~ Dylan, You have to break up with Eric!!!!!

D~ y

H~ He only wants to have sex with you!!

D~How would u no!?

H~ He told me when I was telling him to treat you well!

D~ Stay out of my personal life Marcel! I mean it.

H~ Please listen to me, I'm telling the truth!!


H~ I'm so sorry, I really am Dylan... I wouldn't lie to you and you know that... dont listen to me.

She stopped texting me after that, my roommate walked into the room.

"Hey Ed..." I murmured.

"What's with you?"He asked

"She won't listen, I'm trying to protect her, but she just won't listen."


Sorry this chapter was short, its just I have an amaze idea for the next chapter ( it will be up sometime tomorrow) :-)

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