Who Are You? Really.

Harry is tired of being famous, He wants to restart. But, how do you restart when your in the biggest boyband in the world? You fake your identity, Marcel Daringer. The nerdiest boy in school, he came out of nowhere, nobody cares about him, He's weird... Different. That was until Dylan Payzach came along.


2. Chapter 2~ Friends

Chapter 2~ Friends

£ Dylan ¥

I threw my bag on the floor of my living room. My phone Buzzed, I looked at it, It was my best friend from back home, Zoe.

(Z=Zoe| D= Dylan)

Z: Hows it going at Brookwood High?

D: Meh

Z: That good huh?

D: I wish I stayed

Z: But you know you couldn't

D: I know I couldn't, It's so hard to stay here though I have nobody. It sucks

Z: I know, but I'm gonna come and visit remember! 2 more weeks!

D: I miss hanging out with you :'(

Z: Miss you too... I gtg text you later.

D: bye

I sighed going up to my room and laying on the bed, staring at the sealing. After doing that for what seemed an Eternity, I decided to go hang out at the neighborhood park.


I went out walking around the Park for a while because of pure boredom. I spotted that girl from earlier. I smiled and waved, she didn't even glance my way. I used to have girls all over me, now they don't even know I exist. A sigh escaped my lips and my fingers flew through my slicked back hair.

"Damn..." I murmured softly as she passed by me. I sat down in the grass, The girl looked at me, a smile played at her lips. She came and sat down in front of me.

"Hi, You're that kid that was getting beat up today weren't you? she asked, her voice soft and calm, unlike this morning.

"Erm... Y-Yeah..." I squirmed

"You seem cool." She smacked her gum lazily.

"N-No I'm n-not..." I murmured.

"I mean as a person, I have to go... Talk to you some other time... Bye Marcel!" she smiled getting up and walking off. How did she know my name?

§§§ 1 HOUR LATER §§§

I stepped into my flat, which I shared with my friend Josh.

"Hey! Where have you been?" He asked.

"Out." I shrugged, taking off my fake glasses and putting them on the table and ruffling my hair.

" Anybody notice you yet?" He chuckled as I took off my shirt while walking down the hallway.

"Nope! Well, a girl talked to me..." I hollered from my room.

" Oohh!" He said and wolf whistled.

"Shut up! She doesn't like me!" I walked out of my room my signature skinny jeans and white v-neck. "But I sure like her..."

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