Am i really your princess?!

One direction 5 sos Niall zayn Bella Harry Liam Louis Ellenor perrie


4. waiting

Bella's pov

I was watching the lorax intill I herd a knock on my door I opened it up and saw Niall standing there with a bottle of sparkling grape juice and 12 roses. Niall looked at me and he saw my red puffy eyes so he looked down. " Bella I am sorry for that crowd at Starbucks". " it's fine I said not really believing my on words and Niall did not look like he did either. Niall just shook his head looking and his shoes. Well here you go and then he handed me the flowered and the sparkling grape juice. Um thanks I geuss? Yeah no problem he said hesitating at first. Do you want to stay and watch a movie with me? Yeah sure I would like that

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