Am i really your princess?!

One direction 5 sos Niall zayn Bella Harry Liam Louis Ellenor perrie


3. Starbucks

Bella pov

Yah we are here I screamed like a 5 year old on Christmas. Niall just shakes his head and laughs. Why are you laughing I say In a pretend sad voice. He looked at me with his big blue eyes and I almost let out a whimper. Niall I asked in a tone of voice that would make most people happy. His gaze looked at me and then he smiled. I was just pretending princess. WAIT DID YOU JUST CALL ME PRINCESS?!?!?! I fell so special but will it stay like that. I must have said that out louse cause Niall just laughs and smiles. "Hay Niall let's go get some food ok?" He just nodded his head saying yes. We were waiting and about 100 fans came and started asking Niall for picture and his auto. The crowd got bigger and bigger that he seemed to disappear from my sight. That mad me mad cause I like him and all of his fans just came and took him away from me. WAIT stop it Bella you can not be jelly. He is most likely to pick his fans over you, so stop. "Niall" I called all I hear was some screaming. So I just left, a walked and walked intill I realized that u was going to the park. I just say on a bench and cried, I cried bra cause I had no chance with Niall. But I also did like zayn, but he is married to Perrie. About a hour later I decide not to let Niall get to me and just tuffen up like I real woman I was not going to let a boy control my fellings ) sorry for the shortness of the chapter

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