Am i really your princess?!

One direction 5 sos Niall zayn Bella Harry Liam Louis Ellenor perrie


6. Meeting the guys

Niall spend the night at my house in the Guest room I have. It was now morning and I woke to the smell of bacon. I got out of bed,took a shower an walked down stairs to hear laughing and fighting. I walked into my kitchen and saw a boy with brown hair blues eyes fighting a guy with curly brown hair and green eyes. The one with black hair was in his phone and the buzz cut one was talking to niall. I stepped on my Wooden floor that made a creak. All eyes looked at me. I have niall a kind of look like "Help me". I think he go the message because he introduced me to them. Mates meet my friend Bella. Those words kinda hurt me but I shook it off and gave then a real smile. "Hi!" I just shot out not really caring that the hyper side of me is showing. The curly haired one pointed at me and said "She's the one from Nando's" Niall shook his head and was laughing when he said " Oh yeah, well her is a little better meet." I just laughed. Also the curly haired one came up to me and whispered in me ear " Hello love, I am Harry,Harry Styles." I kinda stepped back and gave a little wave. Well boys today's my day off so would you like to go to the staked with me? All of them said yes but Harry came over and kissed my hand and told me it would be a pleasure.

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