Am i really your princess?!

One direction 5 sos Niall zayn Bella Harry Liam Louis Ellenor perrie


1. 1

One day I was eating at Nandos and the told everybody to leave. I hide under the table ( with the food) and saw everybody getting pushed out.

It scared the crap out of me. I though the place was getting robbed. But instead the boys from one direction came in. I was so happy, I love them. But I like Niall the best. He saw me and then told Harry and then Harry told zayn and then zayn told Louis who told Liam and the all look at me. I just smile and wave. One of there body guards saw me and came over and

grabbed my hand. Niall yelled for him to stop. The body guard let me go but glare at me. Niall was looking good he had a tight green shirt on with blue shorts. I was just wearing a hot pink tank top with white lace shorts and blue flip flops. I was nature blond hair and nature curly hair. My accent was British and I have gold eyes. I was skinny but not to skinny. He said I can sit down and eat with them so I did. " what is your name"Niall said in his thick Irish accent."B Bella"I stuttered. Harry looked at me with his green eyes and I just blushed and looked away. "Well I better get going now so bye" I said looking at my feet. Nialls face looked so sad like a kicked puppy. I ran over to Niall and kissed his cheek and took his phone, to but my number in and gave it back. He looked up and smirks at me. (The next day)

BEEP BEEP BEEP.............. My stupid alarm clock went off. I got out of bed and went to take a shower. I hopped in and let the warm water relax me. After I finished I picked out my under garments and a orange t shirt with red shorts and my black toms. I went and grabbed an Appel and my phone, wallet, and keys from the counter. Then my Phone went off and I picked it up. The caller ID was Niall so I answered. Niall:hay wanna grab a bite later and talk. Me:sure why not I will see you at Starbucks in an hour than. Niall: yeah sounds great see you than. Me: ok bye. Niall: bye ;). I went to my car and took of. First I went to Wal-Mart to get some food for tomorrow.(skip car ride). Finally I am home I say happy. It was 5 till time to go out to met with Niall. WHAIT was this a date or what? I better get ready I said to myself. I walked over to my closet and picked out a yellow sun dress with orange flip flops. DIND DONG I heard from the front door. I walked over and opened the door to see a happy Niall there waiting. Hay Niall I said happy. Hay Bella, is that your name. Yeah it is Bella so are you ready to go I asked wondering. Yeah um let's go now Niall said taking my hand and leading me down my stone path. Niall opened the car door for me and I thought that was the so kind. Nobody had really ever opened the door for me. He was just a gentleman. Hay Niall I asked in my baby voice. Yeas he said. Can I pay for it. No Niall said In a serous tone. Why not I almost yelled. Niall looked at me and his face soften and he said I will pay because it is what a gentleman does. And I make so much so just take it as a favor he said. Ok Niall I said kinda happy I don't half to pay. I am a doctor for a living and I know that makes a lot but my house is kinda a lot of money

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