This story is about A kid named Rin, you get to know what went on in his life why he ended up the way he did. His lovers and more, pets? monsters? You get to know what happend in his past and whats going on eith his life now flash backs and even the sexy times! C;

((This isnt a stroy right from my head it's an rp im doing with a person! So like it wont be updated a lot when school starts in 2 days cause it will be hard cause we wont have a lot to update....Yet again sorry for my crappy spelling! Enjoy!!!))


2. Past~


I here a knock on my bed room door.


Knock knock knock~!


"Master Rin dinner is about to be served"


"Yea i'll be right there"


Rin's butler leaves his door and goes to finish the last touches up on the dinner. Rin puts some good cloths on and opens his door sighing, this dinner wasn't just a normal dinner with his parents this one was formal.


This was his day before the big wedding planing day, yes Rin was going to get married at his young age his parents was forcing it on him. The worst part was that he was 'Gay' he didn't tell his parents they would disown him and every thing would be gone he ever had....


He didn't have much friends but he had some on his pc, he was known for his video games. He had a lot of friends on there, he was normal on there and not known as this big hot shot prince on his games. He was known as the most Mvp (Most valuable player), it was far from being a prince.....


Rin sat down at his spot on the long table, when Rin sat down the butlers started bring the food in to the table. Right beside Rin sat a really pretty girl, she had and long flowing pink dress on with a little pink top hat on, she had bright blue eyes she had flawless skin she was everything a prince could ask for.....but she wasn't what Rin wanted....He wanted a man to be his not a girl....but he couldn't say that it was to late he was getting marred tomorrow night. 


After they ate dinner together Rin went back up to his room and put normal cloths on not this fancy shit. He didn't like being dressed up like a doll he hated it, Rin just wanted to be like a normal kid, wanted to do things on his own not have his butler do it all for him.


Rin had to make up his mind and fast on what he wanted to do.....he knew that if he ran away the dogs would track him down and he would be locked away for the rest of his life! All Rin could think about was what am I going to do?! I'm getting married to someone I don't love tomorrow night! Spending the rest of my life with someone I don't love!


Next day~


The next day came, light shining in my window right into my face! I knew this was going to be a bad day....I was getting married to a woman I didn't even love....who wouldn't be mad or upset....I was cleaning up my messy room looked like a damn 30 year old mess in here. Then i heard a barking? more like a howl outside my window I move over to my window and see a wolf and a man standing out there.


So I go down stairs and go outside to see this man but he was gone. There was a bag left on the ground where he was, I pick it up and look inside and see a knife some blades and a gun....I opened up the small pocket and the side of the backpack and see that there is a note inside it.



This is for you Rin, you want your problems to go away kill them.....Make them go all away be a free man for once in your life....drink this bottle it will help make your pain be less.


I grab the bottle that was inside the bag and I open it and drink every last drop that was inside the bottle....My vision went black and the next minute I know I was waking up to see myself standing in a pool of blood on the floor, my dead Mom, Dad and the one I was going to marry was around me...blood on my hands a gun on the floor....


My butler came into the room and seen me standing there around them...He tried to calm me down but he couldn't...I took the knife i had and stabbed him to death i ran and grabbed my bag that was sitting on the couch and ran out the door. I kept and kept on running I finally made it  to the old broken down part of the city.

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