((WARNING HAS HARD AND SOFT YAOI!! NO LIKEY LEAVE NOW)) This story is about A kid named Rin, you get to know what went on in his life why he ended up the way he did. His lovers and more, pets? monsters? You get to know what happend in his past and whats going on eith his life now flash backs and even the sexy times! C; ((This isnt a stroy right from my head it's an rp im doing with a person! So like it wont be updated a lot when school starts in 2 days cause it will be hard cause we wont have a lot to update....Yet again sorry for my crappy spelling! Enjoy!!!))


1. (INFO)



So I talk like "Rin talks' And when Bear comes in -Bear talks like this- and when I just have wrods it means there doing something.



 When Tom talks theres nothing and when he does something theres *Eats cake*



((If you want I could also do there bios))




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