This story is about A kid named Rin, you get to know what went on in his life why he ended up the way he did. His lovers and more, pets? monsters? You get to know what happend in his past and whats going on eith his life now flash backs and even the sexy times! C;

((This isnt a stroy right from my head it's an rp im doing with a person! So like it wont be updated a lot when school starts in 2 days cause it will be hard cause we wont have a lot to update....Yet again sorry for my crappy spelling! Enjoy!!!))


4. 2

Wa....wait! *Starts following you* Wa...wait Rin!


Stops and faces you "Fine! This isn't the first time I seen you! I have been watching you walk past the same spot ever day! I have a little boy crush on you!"


H...how come I haven't seen you then, and why me? 


"I always hide from you...you're just cute.....now I have to go see you some other time!" Waves and starts to walk away.


*Grabs your hand* P...please don't go....No one else lives in this part of the city any more and I don't want to be alone any more.....


I hold onto your hand, and I face you "I'll be back okay I have to deal with something.....I'll be back I swear"


Okay I believe you *Lets go of your hand* I'll be inside waiting for you *Starts walking off with my head down*


"I'll be back in an hour or so, not to long" I head off looking for a man.


Okay *Walks indoors and closes the door then goes and sits in the living room*


Goes to an old house and hands an older man a package "This is way to low Rin you know that!" "Please Sir....I couldn't get any more!" Two and a half hours pass and I finally make it back to you and my bag was missing and I was covered with blood and hurt...


*Alarmed* What happened!? *Grabs you and leads you to the bathroom*


"Heh.....heh....I'm fine....."


B....but you're covered in blood *Gets you in the bath room and starts to undress you* I need to check to see if you're hurt




*Steps back and looks down* I'm sorry......I....I just want to check if you're hurt.....


Takes off my shirt and you see scars and full hand marks all along my body and tummy


W....what happened *Looks upset*


"I got raped" Says it bluntly


*Looks down* I'm sorry I didn't know....I'm guessing I didn't help *Goes to leave room* I'll be out here if you need me....


I grab onto your arm before you could leave


*Looks at you*


"Help me please...."


Of course what do you need? *Walks fully in room again and closes door*


"Just do what you wanted to do"


Okay *Walks up to you and starts undressing you again* Sorry if I knew I wouldn't have done it, I wouldn't of been that way


"It's okay...you didn't know...."


*Gets a sponge and starts wiping the blood off of you while looking upset* 


Shivers "Please I'm okay don't look upset...."


But if I convinced you to stay you wouldn't have gotten hurt


"Look it's okay" I cup your face in my hands "You don't have to worry it's done and over with"


Okay just promise you wont get hurt again *Hug your legs* 


"I......promise....." Blushes a bright red


*Goes red and lets go* S...sorry!


"It's okay" Smiles


Emmmm.....I can't wash this next bit *Hands you the sponge* 


Blushes bright red and looks away


*Does the same* Sorry if you want I can clean it for you, I just don't want you to feel uncomfortable......


"I......got it myself!" Cleans myself as I whimper as I do and sits the sponge down and puts my cloths back on


I'm sorry....


"It's fine I'm glad you're here for me"


*Smiles and face goes red again* I'm glad I saw you today


I smile and a tear falls down my face


Why are you crying? *Whips tear away with my finger*


"Your just so nice to me and you don't even know me....." Sniffles 


I don't need to know someone to order to like them and to be nice to them


"What if I was some killer.....?"


Then I still wouldn't care because I know you wouldn't do it with it being a last resort


I wrap my arms around you and I hide my pain


Please I can see you're in pain please go lay down


"No...I want you..." My grip tightens around you putting me in more pain


You have me I just don't want you to be in more pain lets go lay down together


"I'm fine with that" Smiles and lets you go


*Holds your hand and leads you to the big bedroom* This is the only room in the house with a big enough bed for two


I look around the room "It's been such a long time.....at lest two years sense I haven't slept in a bed" 


*Leads you to the bed* This used to be my Mom's room before she left don't worry the sheets have been changed


I got into the bed blushing as I lay down


*Climbs in next to you* Rin? May I as how long have you spent watching me before we meet? 


"About a month....Heh creepy huh?"


*Moves closer towards you* If I knew someone has liked me for a month I would have said so sooner...


((THE END next one will have smut no likely no read :D! Leave a comment on what you think! Also so sorry for not updating n stuff!;c ))





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