This story is about A kid named Rin, you get to know what went on in his life why he ended up the way he did. His lovers and more, pets? monsters? You get to know what happend in his past and whats going on eith his life now flash backs and even the sexy times! C;

((This isnt a stroy right from my head it's an rp im doing with a person! So like it wont be updated a lot when school starts in 2 days cause it will be hard cause we wont have a lot to update....Yet again sorry for my crappy spelling! Enjoy!!!))


3. 1



I sit on a bench in the part of the town that's run down and hardly anyone lives. i grab a blade out of my backpack and place it on my wrist dragging it slowly across laughing a little.


*Is walking past with a bag of shopping and spots you and walks up to you slowly* H...hey...*Looks nervous*


"Hmmm....?" I look up putting the blade away.


H...Hey...*See's you bleeding and looks alarmed* O..oh...no *Grabs your other wrist* P...please come with me.


"Hey! Wait! I did it to myself it's nothing to worry about really..."


B...but your bleeding *pulls on you again* please come with me.


"Fine' goes with you.


*Takes you back to my house* S....so where are you from I can tell you're not from around here.


"I...well...." Sighs "Well I left home been living in an old run down house" 


Really why would anyone choose to live here? *wrapping your cut up*


"Well I have no chose to I have nothing so..."


*Finishes warpping your cut* W...well you have me as a friend now so...you don't have nothing....*Smiles*


"I cant have friends sorry....but thanks for helping" Stands up.


No please don't go!


"You have a house, you cant have anything to deal with me, I hurt people, steal things!"


This house is all I have I have no friends no family left that want to have anything to do with me so please at least stay here for a little.


I sit back down. "F...fine"

Thank you *walks and starts putting food away* Y..you never actually told me where you're from. 


'Uh....well i'm one of those people that came from a rich family until.....well no need to bring my past in"


Ok, would you like some food *Brings you a drink* Oh i'm sorry I forgot to ask whats your name?...


Takes the drink "R...Rin..."


It's nice to meet you Rin my name is Tom *Smiles*


"Nice to meet you to Tom" Smiles back.


*Goes a little red* Sorry! *Bumps into table* Wopps erm...FOOD I mean did you want some food?


'Uh, I'm good thanks though" I let a small giggle quickly taking a sip of my drink from stooping me from burst out laughing.


Ok *Still slightly red* So...what ermm do you do?


"I uh....well I just sleep or...." Looks at wrist.


*Lost in thought but snap back to reality* Oh....


Takes out a note pad out of my backpack and holds it out to you "I draw a lot"


Really what do you draw? *leans over table*


"Birds, trees...flowers" 


Can I see?


"Yeah" Hands you the note pad.


Yay! *Starts flipping though it till I see a picture and goes red and closes it*


"H...huh?! Wait! OMG!" I grab my bag and run out your door. "That's the note pad with the drawing of him! GAH! I'm an idiot!" runs down the path from your house.



((End Of chap 1~ Hope you enjoyed it!))

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