Lost in Artwork

Ayaka and Kiku just wanted a day out with their parents to see the Guertena exhibition. But the day out turned into a nightmare after everyone else disappeared, exhibits started moving and they found themselves wound up in a world which they cannot escape alone. Sacrifices are made along the way, which could cause an end to their relationship. Will the sisters make it out the museum on their own? A fanfiction based on the game Ib


1. Welcome to Guertena's Exhibition

The day was bright and the sun glowed in the sky, illuminating all the windows of the glorious art exhibition.

"Now Kiku do you promise you are going to behave yourself?" Kiku's mother asked her youngest daughter, looking at her through the wind mirror of the car.

Kiku nodded quickly, jumping up and down on her car seat, "Yes yes! Let's just go already! I want to see the artwork!"

"Just a minute Kiku, we need to make sure we have everything." her mother replied, rummaging through the glove box, "This is why I find days out annoying. I can never find anything in this wretched vehicle!" she moaned to Kiku's father, who was just leaning back in his seat, bored of listening to his wife moaning on and on.

"Ayaka! Ayaka! Are you looking forward to seeing the paintings? You love art!" Kiku asked her eldest sister who was sitting next to her in the car, flicking through her phone.

"Hm." Ayaka replied, scrolling down the screen.

Their mother looked up and sighed, "Oh for goodness sake, Ayaka! Can you not put that phone down for one minute and help your mother search for her purse?"

"Hm." Ayaka replied again, not really paying any attention.

"Ayaka!" her mother cried, turning round to glare at her.

Ayaka groaned, "What? It's in my bag! You wanted me to keep a hold of it until we got to the museum, so you wouldn't forget to bring it."

"Ah." her mother sighed in relief, "Th-thank you Ayaka."

Ayaka rolled her eyes and placed her phone back in her bag, before opening the car door and stepping out of the BMW. The car park was rather busy today, since there was a special exhibition going on.

"Tell me again who we are here to see?" Ayaka asked, as her mother got out of the car and started adjusting her hair.

"Weiss Guertena. He was not a very well known artist, but your Father and I have one of his paintings at home, and we are fascinated by his work. Plus Kiku here wanted a day out. You know how much she loves art." 

Kiku grinned up at her mother, holding her hand as the family walked up the grand steps to the entrance to the gallery.


Data Log

Name:Ayaka Fletcher


Eye Colour:Grey

Hair Colour:Light Brown

Interests:Gaming, sketching, science

Personality:Kind, protective, slightly ignorant


Name: Kiku Fletcher

Age: 9

Eye Colour:Blue

Hair Colour:Ash Blonde

Interests:Bunnies, Writing, Drawing, Anything pink

Personality:Bubbly, restless, cheeky, smiley


Inside the gallery was really fresh and white, with no particular colours or features. The museum was not as busy as the family expected or have experienced in the past, like the time there was an exhibition on Van Gogh.

"Ok, let's go over to the desk. We need to pay our entrance fee." the girls' mother said, she and their father walking to the desk and speaking to the old man standing behind it.

Ayaka and Kiku followed. Curiously, Ayaka picked up a leaflet and opened it up, "Huh, my favourite piece of artwork should be here."

"Which is that Ayaka?" Kiku asked, pulling down the leaflet so she could take a peek as well.

"Fabricated World. It's the really big piece that looks like it has been drawn with wax crayons." Ayaka replied, showing Kiku the picture of the piece.

"Oh." Kiku gasped, before getting restless and tugging on her sister's leather jacket, "Can we go now?" she asked, pointing down the gallery.

Ayaka sighed loudly, "Mum, me and Kiku are going to go on ahead. We'll catch up with you later."

"Ok, girls. But do not leave the gallery without us. And Kiku, never touch any of the exhibits. Ayaka, make sure she does not pester anyone." their mother replied, looking at the sisters in shock before letting them go off on their own.


Ayaka's P.O.V

"So, what do you want to see first Kiku?" I asked, as she dragged me past the stairs and towards one of the largest pieces of work.

"This one! The one with the big fish." Kiku replied, smiling ear to ear as she looked over the railings at the creepy looking fish.

"Hm." I examined the plate that explained the painting to us, "Abyss of the Deep." I mumbled the meaning of the painting to myself, as Kiku began running around the artwork so she could see it from all angles, "Kiku, keep still!" I hissed, grabbing her hand so she would stand still.

"Let's have a look at something else! Ooh, look at this one!" she squealed, dragging me down the pieces of artwork again, not even giving me a chance to read about them, or even find out their names! "Pretty! It's a rose!"

"Embodiment of Spirit!" I said, looking at Kiku as I spoke, "It sure is pretty. I mean, the petals look so delicate and..."

But I did not get a word in edgeways since Kiku suddenly jumped up and down and shouted, "I LOVE ROSES!"

And as she walked around the rose, she was not looking where she was going and bumped into a girl, about her age, with long brown hair and square bangs.

"Kiku!" I cried out, running over to the two girls, "I am so sorry about my sister. She is a bit excitable at the moment."

"It's Ok." the girl whispered, dusting herself down, before admiring the rose statue again.

"Kiku!" I hissed to my little sister as we continued on our adventure up the stairs in the art museum, "You need to chillax a bit and..."

"Look Ayaka! The painting you like!" Kiku interrupted, grabbing me by the sleeve of my jacket again and dragging me up to an enormous piece of artwork, "Fa...fabric...whatever World!"

"Fabricated World." I corrected her, looking up at the hectic piece of work. 

Loads of colours had been used for this artwork and you could only just make out some of the pictures that were included in the art. I could make out the Lady in Red in one of the corners, and Embodiment of Spirit in the other.

"This is a nice piece." I grinned slightly, and for once Kiku was actually keeping still, "I wish I could buy it and hang it on one of my walls."

"I can see a lady, a rose, I think I can see a bunny and..." Kiku was mumbling to herself, pointing at different parts of the painting, completely ignoring the conversation I was trying to bring up, yet again...

Suddenly the lights started to flicker on and off by themselves.

"Hm?" I grunted, looking around the room, but the lights switched back on again, "Huh, must have been a glitch in the system."

Kiku giggled slightly, "Silly lights."

But as we were walking around, we realized that everybody had seemed to have gone. All the liveliness had died, and me and Kiku were left alone in the gallery by ourselves.

"Maybe there was a drill." I suggested, holding Kiku's hand and walking back to the stairs.

"Why is it quiet, Ayaka?" Kiku whispered to me, huddling closer to my arm.

"It's just a drill Kiku, don't worry." I replied, sounding more confident than I felt, "See, everyone is outside."

We walked down the stairs together and passed the reception desk to the entrance door. I pulled the handle, but it was locked. It would not open. Me and Kiku were locked in.

"Odd." I thought to myself, scratching my chin, "Let's try the window."

We headed over to the window, but there seemed to be no way of opening it. Confused, I looked outside, but the streets were dark, and nobody, no sign of life, was lurking around.

Suddenly, Kiku gasped, "Ayaka, look!"

Cautiously, I looked up at where Kiku was looking and I spotted a red liquid leaking down the pane of the glass, that can't be...what I think it is...is it?

"What is going on?" I thought to myself as we wandered back through the museum together.

The lights flickered out as we tried to find another exit out of the museum.

Great...just as I thought things couldn't get any creepier, I groaned, pulling out my phone and switching it on.

There was no signal so I could not call anyone. All we could do was walk around, aimlessly finding a way out. That is when I heard a noise coming from within one of the paintings. A piece of fruit had fallen out of the painting called Bitter Fruit. I bent over and picked it up. It felt smooth, and almost rubbery in my clasp. Then a rumble was heard and the wall surrounding the row of paintings began to part down the middle, revealing a set of stairs leading into darkness.

"Ayaka." Kiku mumbled into my sleeve, "Is that the way out?"

I took in a deep breath, "Only one way to find out."

And ever so slowly, we headed down the stairs. Why did I not have a good feeling about this?

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