Lost in Artwork

Ayaka and Kiku just wanted a day out with their parents to see the Guertena exhibition. But the day out turned into a nightmare after everyone else disappeared, exhibits started moving and they found themselves wound up in a world which they cannot escape alone. Sacrifices are made along the way, which could cause an end to their relationship. Will the sisters make it out the museum on their own? A fanfiction based on the game Ib


3. Wandering Around

Ayaka's P.O.V

After that hideous encounter, I am really glad to have gotten away from that storage room. Hopefully, all this was just some kind of prank and we can get out of this place soon.

"Ayaka. Do you think we will ever find the way out?" Kiku asked, latching onto my hand and keeping close.

I sighed, not entirely sure I was certain, "Of course we will. We just need to keep going."

Further down the corridor, we found more paintings. Ones that were not shown at the exhibition. And I am glad too, because some of them were pretty hideous. I swear some of the portraits are moving. Finally, we came to a door.

"Yes. Maybe this is the way out." I grinned, grabbing hold of the handle and twisting it.

But it was locked.

"No!" I hissed, wrenching the handle on the door, but it did not move an inch.

"What do we do now?" Kiku whispered, turning back around.

I shook my head, "A key is needed for the door. Maybe there is one lying around?"

We both walked back down the corridor and spotted a few doors on the left and the right side.

"Strange, these were not here before." I mumbled to myself.

Cautiously, we walked over to the first door and pulled the handle, and it was open. But suddenly we heard a loud roar coming from inside, and when we peeked in, we only just missed having our hands ripped off by a vicious lion. Quickly I slammed the door shut and we both pulled in deep quick breaths.

"Ayaka. That was too close." Kiku whimpered, hugging me tightly and burying her face into my shirt.

"But we're fine." I replied, stroking her curly blonde hair, "Maybe we should find some food for that lion, and then it will let us in." I suggested. Not a very realistic idea, but anything is possible. Clearly in this museum.

The second door was a bright pink colour, and was also unlocked. We both took in a deep breath and slowly twisted the handle. Ever so slowly, I opened the creaky door, and the noise echoed inside the room. We both peered in and Kiku began to squeal.

"What? What is it?" I asked frantically, hoping to God there were no more man eating animals in here.

"It..It's beautiful!" Kiku squeaked, running into the room.

"Kiku!" I called after her running in.

Then I stopped. The room was not dangerous. Not in the slightest. But it was still hideous! The whole room....was pink!

The walls were pink, the floor was pink, the furniture was pink, even the pink cat ornament was pink. Absolutely everything was pink. And Kiku was loving it. She ran around the room three times before collapsing on a pink chair.

"Kiku." I sighed, "We cannot stay here forever."

"Oh." Kiku moaned, standing back up again, but before we left, I spotted something in a pink frame.

There was writing on there. It must have been some kind of riddle, because there was a question at the end of the sentence.

Q: In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower– everything was pink!
What colour were the stairs? Type the answer onto the computer.


"What kind of a question is this?" I wondered out loud, rubbing my chin and thinking deeply. 

"Answer on the computer?" Kiku asked me, before turning around a looking around and gasping, "Ayaka, this room is the riddle. Look, it has everything it says in the riddle. The pink chair, the pink computer, everything! And here is the computer. We need to type in the answer. And the answer is easy!"

Kiku ran over to the computer and began to type in an answer.

"Kiku, no! Don't type anyth.." but it was too late.

Kiku had already typed in the word pink and pressed the enter button. The computer made a loud beeping noise before the pink cat ornament sprung to life next to her and clawed her leg.

Kiku cried out in shock as a nasty gash appeared on her leg, "Ouch!" she squealed, clutching her leg.

The cat statue turned to stone again and did not move.

"Why you meany!" Kiku said, as she lifted her leg to kick the statue.

But I intervened, "No Kiku!" and I grabbed her arm, "Don't break anything in here. This place is weird and anything could happen if you break anything."

Kiku breathed out and looked up at me, "Sorry Ayaka."

Then I watched as one of the petals of her rose drop off and onto the floor.

"Be careful with yourself and that rose. If anything happens to that rose, you will get very hurt." I warned her, "Now, let's think about this riddle properly."

We both went quiet and began to think. After about a minute, Kiku groaned loudly.

"Ugh, that riddle makes no sense at all! The answer has to be pink. Everything in the house is pink! So the answer should be pink!" Kiku grabbed her head in both hands and began to shake it.

"Calm down Kiku. Surely the answer is simple. Just think of the obvious. Everything in the house is pink. And the house has one storey." I mumbled to myself, rubbing my chin again.

"Ayaka, what us a one storey house?" Kiku asked, tugging my sleeve.

I looked back at her, " A one storey house is like a bungalow. Everything is on the ground floor, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom everything. And it..." then I stopped, "It has no stairs. That's it!"

Kiku looked at me in confusion, a blank look in her pale eyes.

"Don't you get it? Bungalows have no stairs! So there is no colour to the stairs. Because there aren't any!" I explained, turning back round to the computer and typing in the answer.

"Oh." Kiku finally exclaimed, "I get it now. Clever Ayaka!" she smiled brightly as I pressed the enter key.

This time, nothing happened, but then the screen changed and the words, 'Answer the phone' appeared on the screen.

Suddenly, the telephone began to ring. I did not want to do this, but I knew I had to. Slowly, we walked over to the phone and picked it up.

"Hello?" I answered, placing the phone to my ear.

"Take the cat fishing." the phone said, before hanging up on us.

"No, wait, what?" I called back down the phone, but the phone made a continuous beep noise, so I put it back down.

That is when I spotted the cat ornament come to life again.

"Kiku, get behind me. Be careful." I demanded, pushing her behind me as we watched the cat statue get closer and closer.

But before it got to us, it sat down and mewed quietly, before rubbing my legs and then prowling over to Kiku and rubbing her legs.

"Aw, it's cute now." Kiku squealed, patting the cat's head.

Then the cat walked away and out of the door.

"Wait kitty!" Kiku called after the cat, running after it.

"Kiku!" I shouted, before leaving the room myself and following my sister and the feline.


The cat ran into the door opposite us, Kiku following, so I followed, through the door. I spotted a large pond like painting on the floor in the middle of the floor and the cat sitting on the edge of the frame and looking into the water. Kiku was sitting cross legged next to it, stroking the top of it's head again. The cat continued to wait, watching all the fish in the pond painting move across the canvas.

"Ok, this is getting really weird." I murmured, before I sat down next to Kiku.

We continued to wait, but the cat made no attempt to catch a fish.

"Oh, come on!" I hissed at the cat, but it did not listen and continued to watch the fish.

"Look, Ayaka!" Kiku then piped up, pulling something out of the flowerbed in the painting. It was a long pink worm.

She held it in front of my face and smiled, "We could use this as bait." she suggested, dangling it over the painting of the pond.

"As long as you keep it away from me." I demanded, watching as the fish got closer and closer to the surface, trying to grab the worm from Kiku's fingers.

That is when the cat strikes twice, knocking one small silver fish, and one large trout to the surface, out of the painting and towards me and Kiku. All the fish in the painting swam to the bottom of the canvas, so Kiku dropped the worm into the painting.

After a split second of shock, the cat mewed and picked up the silver fish in it's jaws, before nudging the trout towards us. Then it purred loudly before slinking away, back to the pink room with it's prize.

Me and Kiku both looked at the trout before I came up with an idea.

"Maybe we can feed this to the lion! Then we can explore the room." I suggested, sticking my finger in the air.

"That could work." Kiku replied, picking up the trout, before me and her left the room.


The lion was still growling. We could hear it inside the room, waiting for the door to open again. I told Kiku to give me the fish, so I could chuck it into the room. Slowly and steadily, Kiku turned the handle on the door and opened it up a small fraction. We heard the lion roar, so without thinking, I threw the trout into the room.

The lion stopped charging and walked over to the fish and sniffed it. After a second of tension, the lion picked up the large trout in it's mouth and walked over to a painting of the savannah. Majestically, it leapt into the painting before going still. It was sitting down in the long grass, with the trout in it's paws. Immediately after it jumped in, we heard a clang coming from the painting.

"Ayaka. Something fell out." Kiku said, dragging me into the room and towards the painting. Ironically, it was called 'Hungry Lion'.

"You don't say." I mumbled to myself as I observed the painting a little more.

"Look Ayaka. A key." Kiku squealed, holding up and rusty old key towards me.

I smiled a little then took it, "This might be our ticket out." I grinned, before we both headed back to the locked door. 

Both of us took in a deep breath as I stuck the key in the door. Slowly, I twisted the key in the lock. And it turned!

"It fits!" Kiku said, excitedly jumping up and down.

But when I opened it, I realized it was not over. Inside the door was another corridor, but this time we heard voices. Human voices.

Maybe we are not the only ones searching this crazy museum.

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