When I Fell

Falling in love is tricky. There are so many movies and books that make it seem so easy and passionate and right but in the real word it's confusing and exciting and fun and frustrating and in the real world, things get in the way.


22. XXII

Chris' point of view

The resort is incredible as always. This is our third year here now. The beach is all white sand and bright blue seas and the whole place smells of exotic foods and sea and flowers and I love it. There are so many different little hut things for everybody to stay in but they're not just huts, they're so nice. They're kind of like villas but not quite. They're all spacious and airy and there's four people to each one. Ruby, Jonas, Carrie and I are in one, Jon, Clare, Jason and our friend Matt are in another, and our friends Marcus, Leighla, Lewis and Kyle are in another.

We get there at about nine pm and everybody goes straight to bed to try and sleep off the jet lag ready for the next day but I just lie there awake, waiting for it to be one am so I can go and meet Ruby. 

In the end, I get too antsy so I just go at half past midnight and swim around by myself for a while. I can hear the music in the distant from the clubs and bars and there are a few drunken friends scattered around the beach but it's almost deserted and it's just me here in the ocean. 

Eventually, I see Ruby approaching, in her bathing suit and I swim a little closer to shore. It's obviously dark but the moon is really bright. She smiles as she sees me. 

"Come here!" I call to her.

She starts paddling and then runs backwards. "It's cold!"

"It's not cold!" I insist, getting out of the water completely and approaching her, smiling. "Really, it's not."

"It felt cold."

I pull her into a hug, resting my chin on her head. "See? I'm not very cold am I?"


"Shhh." I hush her and we both laugh as I pick her up and run into the sea with her, dropping her in. She screams, coming back to the surface and pushing down on my shoulders to try and push me underwater but it didn't work very well at all, I just flip her around and sit her on my shoulders. She screams at me to let her down but she's laughing too so I just go to the deeper water with her before letting her back in. 

"You're cruel." she pretends to give me a sour look before smiling and linking her arms behind my neck. 

I grab her waist and pull her towards me, smiling down at her. "You're a wimp."

She sticks her tongue out before pulling herself up closer to me and kissing me. I kiss her back and I feel so at peace. I'm in Barbados, my favourite place, in the ocean, with Ruby who is my girlfriend. Ruby's my girlfriend. She's mine, she's chosen me and I'm completely in love with her. I don't know if it's too soon to think that, but I think I am. It feels like I am.

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