When I Fell

Falling in love is tricky. There are so many movies and books that make it seem so easy and passionate and right but in the real word it's confusing and exciting and fun and frustrating and in the real world, things get in the way.


21. XXI

Ruby's point of view

Packing for vacation is a nightmare.

My mom is being so calm about it, picking out all of these clothes and telling me which occasions each item will fit best. I swear she's more of a teenager than I am. She's picking the shortest things or the tightest things or the sheerest things. She's packed more bikinis than clothes for me and even questions my choice of normal underwear to take with me. 

"Mom!" I protest. "Are you my mother or Carrie?" 

"I just want you to live a little!" she puts her hands up defensively.

"You should be urging me to be careful and not make stupid decisions." I say. 

She shrugs. "You're eighteen, honey, it's your time to make stupid decisions."

I sleep at Carries that night to help her pack and then the next morning, Jonas and Chris pick us up bright and early so we can catch our flight. It's all very weird. Chris and I smile at each other briefly and Jonas and Carrie hug but they both have other things on their mind which makes me feel a bit ill but I ignore it. 

We get to the airport and the rest of Jonas' friends are there. There's Jon and Clare and a few I recognise and a few I don't. Jason is included in those that I don't know. You can tell he has a lot of money, he likes to flaunt it. He seems a bit self righteous for me but I keep my mouth shut because he's paying for this trip.

We all get split up on the plane. Carrie and I sit together near the back and Chris and Jonas are near the front and we're all scattered all over the place. I get a Facebook message from Chris an hour into the flight:


I smile to myself, turning my laptop away from Carrie so she doesn't see even though she's completely intent on some rom com she's watching and I reply:


I look down the aisle and see him grinning at me. We both quickly return to our seats normally before anybody sees and he has sent me another message:

Get your ass down here and pretend you need to talk to Jonas. I have something to give you.

I go down and ask Jonas if he has any money and as he passes me a fiver, Chris subtly passes me a little note. I open it when I'm sat down again. Inside is a little stick man drawing of the two of us amongst some waves. I laugh to myself as I read the writing:

Meet you in the ocean at one AM? 

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