When I Fell

Falling in love is tricky. There are so many movies and books that make it seem so easy and passionate and right but in the real word it's confusing and exciting and fun and frustrating and in the real world, things get in the way.


17. XVII

Ruby's point of view

It's killing me to act like this with Chris. 

We're being friendly with each other, but it's like there's this shield up between the two of us to stop any of it getting to us. We're just being friendly and I feel like we were always a lot less casual than that. Right now, I'm sat on my laptop while him and Jonas play video games when Jonas sighs heavily and slams the controller down. 

"I want to go and explore." he proclaims.

Chris frowns. "Where?" 

"I don't know. The woods at the other end of the beach?"

"Sure, let's go." Chris stands up before glancing at me. "You coming?" 

I shrug. "Is it gonna be any good?" 

He laughs and Jonas groans, dragging me out of my seat. "Stop being all 'moody teenager, I am too cool to do things like this' and come with us."

"I don't speak like that." I shove him playfully and he winks, grinning at me. 

I go and put on a bikini underneath my t-shirt and shorts and they both trade their jeans for trunks in case we feel like swimming afterwards and we head out. The woods are nice. I've always loved woods and forests, I don't really know why. Maybe it derives from that obsession with Twilight I had when I was fourteen. 

We walk deeper into the woods and it's just relaxed and fun. We all stop occasionally to climb trees or rocks or go and look through little coves. Eventually, we realise we must be getting closer to the sea again when we find a little pool of water. It's not massive but it's big enough and deep enough for us all to swim around in so that's what we do. 

Seeing Chris in just his trunks doesn't make it easy for me to just act friendly with him. Thankfully, my brother being there makes it a little easier to refrain from just going over to Chris and kissing him and ruining all the progress that I've made by acting all polite with him. 

Jonas looks so happy. We all look so happy, we're all just swimming around and having loads of fun, but Jonas looks so happy with his entire life right now. There's a glint in his eye. He's always loved stuff like this and it makes me so happy to see him this happy. 

"Do you guys wanna camp out tonight?" he asks, excitedly.

Chris nods, definitely. "Yeah man, that'd be so fun."

Jonas grins and nods, looking at me. "You wanna camp too, Ruby?"

Camping is cold. And painful. And uncomfortable. And Chris is gonna be there. But before I can object, Jonas has decided for me and he's calling Mom to ask if it's okay. She sounds very excited and happy and tells us that of course it's okay. One minute, we're all sat there with the bright daylight coming down into the pool through the trees, all three of us, and the next it's getting kind of dark and Jonas has gone back to the house to get the tent and it's just Chris and I in the pool, not really doing anything. 

I go to get out of the pool, but he gently pulls me back into the water, looking at me with such an honest look in his eyes. He places his hands on my waist and pulls me towards him, making us both float backwards towards the edge of the pool.

"Chris..." I mumble. "No."

"Why not?" he asks.

"Jonas will be back soon." I say.

"Jonas just left."

"Well even if Jonas wasn't here at all, we shouldn't."


"Chris, we've been through it all before!" I say, exasperated. 

"I don't care." he smiles which is infuriating and also makes me a little happy at the same time. "I really don't care anymore. I like you, Ruby, I don't care if you're Jonas' sister, you're you and I really really like you."

I can't help smiling. "I really like you too, but-"

"Stop with the whole 'I don't want to upset Jonas' thing. He'll get over it." he says, but he's still smiling at me.

"He won't." I say. 

"Then we don't tell him."

"That won't work."

"It's worth a try?"

"Is it?"


I look at him. I love everything about him. He's beautiful, he's kind, he's funny, he's curious, he's adventurous, he's just a good person. Everything about him is good. Every girl has a thing for him, he could have any of them. I'm just another girl who likes him but he's chosen me and that has to mean something, right? All of those years worrying that I'm boring, or not what boys want, he's put those fears away. He likes me and I like him and I think it would be stupid to waste that.

I part my lips a little and rest my forehead on his, still a bit unsure. He closes his eyes and leans a little closer, his lips parted as well. My eyes close as well. I feel his lips brush against mine and my heart beats more than it ever has in my entire life. It feels like we stay like that forever when all of a sudden, we both kiss each other properly at the exact same time.

All I can think is that I was stupid for avoiding Chris and that I am so lucky to have met him.


Chris' point of view

That was the best kiss of my entire life. I'm sure of it.

We kiss a couple of times more and then she insists on putting some distance between us in case Jonas comes back. I keep going over to her anyway, pulling her into hugs and kissing her cheek and her nose and her neck and in the end I'm just doing it to annoy her because every time, she stresses out at me and I just think it's funny for some reason.

"Stop!" she says, pushing me away from her and I laugh. 

"You're so stressy." I swim towards her again, pulling her towards me and fiddling with a piece of her hair. "I love it, it's hilarious."

"I'm just trying to make sure Jonas doesn't find out." she says defensively. "He'll be back any minute."

I just smile, kissing her cheek. She sighs and kisses me properly before pushing me away. 

"Are you happy now?" she asks. 

"I suppose so." 

"Well good." 

"You know for such a shy, sweet, elegant girl, you can get quite pissed off." I tease her.

"Shut up!"

"Are you being mean to my sister, Chris?" Jonas' voice comes out of the trees and he appears again, grinning excitedly about camping. 

"Of course not." I say, innocently and he laughs. 

"You should be. Someone needs to tease her when I'm not here."

It feels weird camping with both of them that night. I feel guilty every time I make eye contact with Ruby. We're going behind Jonas' back, we're doing something he'd hate. He's my best friend. But then she'll briefly smile at me before looking away again and I'll remember why I'm doing this.

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