When I Fell

Falling in love is tricky. There are so many movies and books that make it seem so easy and passionate and right but in the real word it's confusing and exciting and fun and frustrating and in the real world, things get in the way.



Chris' point of view

Me and all the guys are hanging out at Jonas' house. That includes Jason. I'll never stop being mad at him, he'll never stop making me feel sick. How could he do something like that? I wish I could just punch the crap out of him but I know I'm keeping it all quiet for Ruby and that makes it easier. 

"So what's the deal with you and Carrie?" Marcus asks Jonas. "Are you, like, a thing?" 

"As in is she my girlfriend?" Jonas asks. "Because yes, yes she is. I have a girlfriend you guys."

I smile to myself as I remember the conversation I had with Ruby about it the other night. She talks to Carrie on the phone every week and as soon as she got off the phone to Carrie, she called me and told me how weird she found it. How disgusted she was was hilarious, I'm trying not to laugh now. 

"What's up with you?" Jason nods towards me. That wipes the smile off my face. 

"Nothing." I shrug. "What does Ruby think of that, Jonas?" 

He shrugs. "She seems alright with it. Hey, did you guys know she's coming back for a year?" 

I glance over at Jason to see how he reacts. He's indifferent. 

"Really?" I ask, pretending I didn't already know. "How come?" 

"I dunno, she said she needed to be back around people she knew for a little while before she starts her last two years. Something like that."

"Is she gonna be living here?" Jason asks. 

"Yeah she is." Jonas says and the conversation moves on.

I hold my breath and have to try not to clench my fists. I want to yell at Jason to stay the hell away from her and to not even think about her. He stays the night here sometimes and I can't stop that and I doubt he'll do anything drastic but I don't want him to speak to her or look at her or go anywhere near her. I start to think about convincing her to stay in England again but she won't listen to me and I'm not sure I want her to. I want her here. I'm just going to have to try and look out for her.

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