When I Fell

Falling in love is tricky. There are so many movies and books that make it seem so easy and passionate and right but in the real word it's confusing and exciting and fun and frustrating and in the real world, things get in the way.


40. XL

Ruby's point of view

Christmas comes too quickly.

On the plane, I can feel little touches of that sad person I was before I left. I can't let this get to me. I'm not going to see Jason, I don't have to worry but as soon as I get back into that house on Christmas eve, I feel the tension. I block it as well as I can though. I just have to make it through this week before I get to go back to England. That feels like home now.

I get there and my mom hugs me, squeezing my cheeks and telling me I look like a true Brit. Jonas hugs me and ruffles my hair. And then Chris comes out of the kitchen and we just look at each other for a moment. I've been blocking feelings for him since I left but now, seeing his hair all messed up and that look on his face and how tall he is just reminds me of the person I fell for and I'm overwhelmed with every feeling. That moment only lasts for the briefest second though and then we both remember that Jonas is here and we recover.

"Hey." he says, casually.

"Hi." I smile. 

Chris heads home a little while later to be with his own family and it's just me and my family again. I've missed this. Mom goes to bed after a while and it's just Jonas and I sat together watching TV.

"I've missed you, Rubes." he says. "It's weird not having you around."

I smile at him. "I've missed you as well."

"Have you got a boyfriend out there?" he asks. 


"I bet he's a twat." he interrupts me. "A twat that wears beige trousers and tweed tank tops over their blue striped shirts and takes you out for tea and cookies except he calls cookies biscuits and I bet he takes you to watch soccer except he calls soccer football and he'll be such a twat that he won't even know you don't like soccer."

I frown but laugh as well. "Okay, for one, I don't have a boyfriend. And that stereotype is a bit offensive, I haven't met anybody like that."

He grins. "Well good. You'd better not."

I laugh, standing up. "Night."

"Night, Rubes."















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