When I Fell

Falling in love is tricky. There are so many movies and books that make it seem so easy and passionate and right but in the real word it's confusing and exciting and fun and frustrating and in the real world, things get in the way.


19. XIX

Ruby's point of view

I meet Carrie on the beach a couple of days later because she has a lot of gossip to tell me about. Once she gets through all of that, I turn to look at her. 

"Have you seen my brother since that night at the club?" I ask, curiously, realising I never thought about it.

A grin slowly spreads across her face and she laughs a little. "Wouldn't you like to know."

I groan. "I really do not want to know. Just do whatever you want and don't tell me any of it."

She laughs out loud. "How about you and Chris anyway?" 

I shrug. "I'm kind of over that. Nothing really happened."

Her eyes widen. "Unbelievable."

I feel my eyes widen a little too. "What?"

"Well first of all, my plans didn't work, that never happens." she says. "And you don't just 'get over' Chris. There are girls he's said hello to four years ago and they still haven't gotten over it."

I laugh and shrug. "I don't know. I'm just not that into him anymore."

I get a text from him while she carried on with some gossip:


I try my hardest not to grin as I reply:


So I sit there at the usual time, waiting for him to come and sit with me but he doesn't. It's half an hour before he texts me from Jonas' room:

Jonas won't shut up talking, let alone go to sleep!

I send him one back:

Nooo. What's he talking about?

He replies:

That friend of yours. I'll spare you the details but it doesn't look like I'm getting out of here any time soon. Sorry :( x

I send him:

That's okay x

He replies:

Well you go to bed for a bit, read, sleep, watch a movie or something like that. When he falls asleep, I'll come and get you x

I reply:

Okay, sounds good. We might have to miss out on Dance Moms tonight though...x

He replies: 

Well I won't bother coming to get you then, screw that

I reply: 


He sends back:

Hahaha I'm kidding, of course. See you in a bit x

I reply: 


I feel so relaxed. There's something about being in a relationship and having this one other person who's just yours and knowing you're theirs. What you experience with them is something you don't experience with anybody else and it's the same for them, that's why it's so different to having a best friend. It's like there's just this thing between the two of you that nobody else understands and something about that is so peaceful. I end up just falling asleep thinking about it. 


Chris' point of view

Jonas eventually falls asleep at three in the morning. I creep out of the room and gently knock on Ruby's door before poking my head around the door. I've never been in here before. I like it, it's very nice and light and airy, even at night. It's very Ruby. 

She's fast asleep, curled up in the middle of the bed, above the covers, still fully clothed. My heart pangs as I realise she fell asleep still waiting for me. I wonder whether to wake her but I should at least wake her and make her get into bed properly. I sit on the edge of her bed and move the hair out of her face.

"Ruby." I say, gently. "Wake up."

She wriggles around for a moment and then opens her eyes, looking at me and smiling. 

"Hey." she murmurs, sleepily. She's barely awake. "You finally got away."

I chuckle softly, still stroking her hair. "Yeah."

"What do you wanna watch?" she asks, her eyes closing again. 

I smile. "Don't worry about that. I was just waking you up to tell you to put your pyjamas on and get into bed properly."

"Okay mother." she jokes.

I laugh, quietly and kiss her forehead. "See you in the morning."

"No, sleep in here." she mumbles, her eyes still closed.

I hesitate. "What if Jonas wakes up before me?"

"We'll set an alarm."

I can't argue with that. 

I step out of the room for a moment while she gets changed and then she opens the door to let me back in. She's still so sleepy and she just hugs me out of nowhere, burying her head in my neck. I laugh, lifting her off and swinging her around gently so that I'm carrying her bridal style and she laughs as well. I set her down in bed and crawl in beside her. I'm so happy to be with her. It just feels like I've got this other half to me now. I've obviously had girlfriends before and I remember being happy but this just feels calm and nice and right. Maybe it's because we aren't telling anybody about it. It's just something for us.

She rolls over to face me and rests her head on my shoulder, draping her arm over my stomach. I automatically link my hands at the small of her back, kissing her head. Right now in this moment, I want to tell her I love her. I really want to, I just feel so overwhelmed by her. But it's not the right time yet. I'm almost sure I do, or I know that I definitely will one day.

"Night." she whispers. 

"Goodnight." I whisper back. 

"I'm really glad we're together." 

I smile at her even though she can't see me. 

"I am too, Ruby."

"Night." she leans up and kisses me before putting her head back on my shoulder. 

I'm so almost sure.

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