When I Fell

Falling in love is tricky. There are so many movies and books that make it seem so easy and passionate and right but in the real word it's confusing and exciting and fun and frustrating and in the real world, things get in the way.


13. XIII

Chris' point of view

I wake up again at seven in the morning and look at Ruby. Except she's not there. In my tired state, I feel offended for a moment until I realise I'm being stupid and laugh. Of course she's gone to her own bed. I get up and go into the kitchen where their mom, Jane, is making some tea. She smiles at me when I come in.

"Morning." she says, pouring me a mug as well. She's quickly becoming like a second mother to me which is great because second mothers are always nicer to you than your actual mothers.

"Hi." I smile back at her. "Thanks for letting me stay here last night."

"Oh not a problem, sweetheart, any time. Did you have fun?"

I pause. I don't want her to know about me and Ruby becoming friends and telling Jonas. I know there's nothing wrong with that really, but all romantic feelings I have for Ruby aside, I'm sure Jonas wouldn't really want her and I to be friends. He's quite possessive of his things. If he likes a certain show and then suddenly everybody else in our group does, he doesn't like it or if he's always listened to a band and then everybody else does, that annoys him. I think he wants to keep Ruby seeing me as 'her big brother's friend' and me seeing Ruby as 'my best friend's little sister'. He wants us both in his life, but separately, I guess.

"Huh?" I ask. 

"At the party."

I laugh a little relieved laugh to myself. "Oh, of course. Yeah it was pretty fun, thanks."

"And I'm glad you and Ruby are getting a little closer."

My eyes widen. "Oh, we're not! She just drove me home and we watched TV for a while, we both like that show and-"

"You're a Dance Moms fan, huh?" she asks, amused. "Chris, it's fine if you're friends or anything more with her."

"We're just friends." I say, straight away. "But I don't think Jonas would really like it."

"Ah." she nods. "I see where you're coming from. Okay, lips are sealed."

I grin. "Thank you. I'd better head home but will you let Jonas know that I've gone please?" 

"Of course." she says. 

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