When I Fell

Falling in love is tricky. There are so many movies and books that make it seem so easy and passionate and right but in the real word it's confusing and exciting and fun and frustrating and in the real world, things get in the way.


12. XII

Ruby's point of view

Jonas and I get to the party at 9pm and it looks just like the last one, but he's raving about how it's so much better. We find his large group of friends and I get ready for a night of being ignored and trying to join in with conversations again. Why did I agree to this?

"Ruby!" Chris grins at me as he spots me and he skirts his way around the group to get to me. 

That's why I agreed to this. Because now, Chris is wearing black skinny jeans and a black v neck t-shirt and his hair looks perfect and he's walking towards me, out of all of these girls, he's coming to talk to me.

"Hey." I smile.

"Hey." he smiles back. His eyes quickly trail up and down my body before he smiles at me again. "You look nice."

"Thank you." I say, blushing more than I have ever blushed before. I consider saying it back but then I realise that would sound really weird. 

I want to say that we stay together for the rest of the party, but it's not as cute as that. I just sort of tag along with him where ever he goes while he talks to whoever he talks to, like a lost puppy, and he lets me. At one point, it's just him and I though and he turns to me. 

"You know there's a new series of Dance Moms starting tonight." he says over the music. 

I laugh. "I did not."

"It's on the plus one channel at midnight. We could go home now and catch it." he grins.

I raise an eyebrow, still laughing. "Are you kidding me?" 

"No!" he laughs and then leans in close, speaking in my ear. Shivers run down my spine before I can stop them. "I'm over this party if you are. We should go."

I like how he referred to us as 'we' even if it meant nothing like that to him, if that makes any sense. I like that he assumes that we come and go as a pair, that if he wants to leave then I will too. I nod and he grins, darting through the crowd while I try and keep up with him.

"We should tell Jonas!" I shout over the music.

"He's too pissed to notice we're gone!" he shouts back. "Text him when we're in the car, tell him I was really drunk and you took me back to yours."

So that's what we do. We sit there on the couch, still in our party outfits and we watch Dance Moms and eat junk food and we fall asleep right there on the couch. Jonas comes in at four in the morning, waking us both up. He's so drunk and it's still quite dark so he doesn't even see us, he just goes straight to bed. I know we're not doing anything, we're not even sleeping on the same side of the sofa but Jonas would be a bit pissed off, I think. 

"Hey." I nudge Chris who has almost fallen asleep again.  "You should go to bed."

"I'm fine here." he mumbles back, not opening his eyes.

"Well I'm going to go to bed." I whisper. 

"You're fine there." he mutters, almost asleep.

I laugh a little. "I'm going to bed. Do you want a blanket?" 

He's already asleep. I smile to myself and put a blanket over him anyway before going to bed. I like this feeling I have right now. I feel like I have somebody to care about. Obviously care about my family but this is different.

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