When I Fell

Falling in love is tricky. There are so many movies and books that make it seem so easy and passionate and right but in the real word it's confusing and exciting and fun and frustrating and in the real world, things get in the way.



Ruby's point of view

I've been in Florida for a week now.

I go to the beach by myself. I'm only wearing a crop top and shorts but I feel like I'm wearing too much as all the girls walk around in their bikinis, looking like they're walking down a cat walk rather than a beach. I just wanted to come down here by myself. I feel like I've been around people so much since we moved here. Either I'm sat with Jonas and Mom, or I'm sat half paying attention to what Jonas and Chris are doing or I'm in my room while all of Jonas' friends are around. I just wanted some time to myself. 

I walk for a little while and then put my towel down and start to read my book. It's Wuthering Heights. I've read it three times already before and I'm getting close to the end of it again right now. I feel the tears start to sting my eyes and the lump appear in my throat. No Ruby, I think to myself, you are not going to cry about this on the beach in Florida, no no no. Either way, I still can't bring myself to stop reading. 

I finish the book and can't help sobbing. I get a couple of weird looks but I can't help it, it's just so sad. A girl who has been sunbathing near me for a while takes off her sunglasses and raises an eyebrow at me. 

"Are you okay?" she asks. 

"Huh?" I ask, wiping my eyes and sniffling and then laugh at myself. "Yeah, I'm fine."

She grins. "Some book, huh?" 

"Wuthering Heights." I nod. 

She reaches her hand out and I automatically pass it to her. She's got this kind of aura about her that's demanding but not in a way that she's above you. She's really really pretty with dark, straight hair and really dark eyes and a very slim figure without being plain skinny like I am. 

"Huh." she nods. "I'd read it if I was big into reading."

"There are movies of it." I tell her as she passes the book back to me.

She grins. "I'll have to watch that. So, tell me. Are you from here?" 

I shake my head. "I just moved from Washington."

She laughs a little. "Figures." 

I look down at my pale legs compared to her tanned ones and laugh. 

"Well I'd love to show you around some time if you'd like." she says, kindly. "My name's Carrie."

I smile. "Sure. I'm Ruby."

Carrie says she'll add me on Facebook and message me to see when we're both free. I think I just made a friend.

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