Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart

Vanessa was a happy girl. She had a beautiful family and a perfect boyfriend. At least that is what she thought. Her mother left and her father fell into depression. Her 'perfect' boyfriend left her to deal with her problems.

What happens when her boyfriend comes back two years later? Would she forgive him? Will she have a rencounter with her mother?

Read to find out!


6. chapter 6

I haven't talked to or seen Calum since Tuesday. I'm thankful that I haven't faced him because I feel like if I do I will end up crying or punching him on the face.

Stan has been coming over to my house after school everyday since Tuesday. He claims he wants to protect me from the bad guys but I know he just doesn't have anything to do.

"Stan get your feet off the table! Do you have any manners?" I snapped.

He removed his feet from the table and smirked. I thumped his forehead earning a glare. I smiled sweetly at him making his glare intensify.

"So are you ready for tomorrow?" Stan asked.

It took me a moment to realize he was talking about our date. Nervousness settled in my stomach at the remembrance of our upcoming date. I don't know how things will turn out. Stan and I have been friends for a really long time and I don't want our friendship to end if things between us don't work out.

"Where are we gonna go?" I asked. Like every guys answer to the question, he replied with

"It's a surprise. Wear flat shoes" he said. He stood up and walked out the door.

What the fuck? No bye? I swear that boy needs some manners. He's the first person to even do that.

I stood up and made my way toward my kitchen. I opened the fridge searching for something good to eat. My mouth watered as I saw some delicious looking pasta sitting there. I took it out and began doing my happy dance.

"Tell me again why I couldn't choose my siblings?"

I jumped a bit startled by James.

"Dude ever hear of knocking? You can't just barge in into someone's house!" I snapped. I put the pasta in the microwave and waited patiently for it to heat up.

"I don't need to knock if I have a set of keys. Besides I came to check up on my little sister"

"Yea I'm gonna need those keys back"

"Your not getting them back"

"It's my house"

"I know dad left you the house but your still underage. By the way did I forget to mention that I'm moving in next week?"

My eyes widened. No! I do not want him to move in! I know for a fact that he's gonna be way too over protective over me. Let's not forget that I can hardly stand his idiotic friends! Well I can only stand one of them but that is because he is supper weird in so many ways.

"Why? I've been living here alone for more than two months and I am doing perfectly fine. There is no need for you to move in"

"The law requires it"

I snorted and took my pasta out of the microwave. I got a fork out the drawer. James took them from my hand and began eating it.

"There's more right there there's no need to take mine!" I snapped. He shrugged and gave it back to me.

"I'm gonna go pack I'll come back the day after tomorrow" he said before walking out.

I ate my pasta and went upstairs. I slumped down on my bed and let out a sigh.

A date with Stanly.

I closed my eyes and let slumber consume me.



I screamed as I rolled off my bed landing with a loud thud on the ground. I rubbed my head as I stood up. Alison was on the ground dying of laughter.

"What is wrong with you!" I snapped.

"You....you.... You should have seen your face!!!" She managed to get out.

What a wonderful way start the morning. I was peacefully a sleep until she started tickling my ear. When I opened my eyes she was 3 inches away from my face with a scary mask on. She knows I get scared easily and now I want to kill her.

"You should hurry and get dressed. We have school in half an hour" She said. I grunted and headed toward the bathroom. I did my business and quickly changed.

We pulled into the schools parking lot. I honestly don't feel like being here right now. I am way too tierd for my brain to function properly. We walked in through the front gates. I walked toward my locker and took out a notebook. I made my way to class and sat at the back where no one would bother me.

I let myself fall on the chair and let out a sigh. I really hate being here! It makes my brain hurt and I hardly get any sleep!

Calum walked in and sat next to me like he did in the previous class. I focused my attention on the blank board, pretending I hadn't noticed him.

He tried getting my attention several times but I blew him off.

Why am I even in such a grumpy mood? I should be jumping with joy because I have a date with Stan! But Alison just had to scare the crap out of me didn't she?

School went by in a breeze. I felt like I just sat in a chair waiting for the time to go home to come.

I made my way to my front door and pressed the key in. I twisted it unlocking the door and giving me access to my sweet home.

My phone began ringing. I patted my jean pockets only to find out it wasn't there. I searched through the mess in my bag but didn't find it. I dumped my things on the floor and shuffled the through them until I saw the ringing device.


"Hey Vanessa! I need to ask you something?"


"Do you know what is wrong with Stan? I tried talking to him at school but he just ignored me and during lunch he kept glaring at you which confused me because you guys are going on a date tonight"

"I actually haven't seen him sense yesterday but now I'm worried. I should try giving him a call and I'll let you know if he answered me"

"Ok bye"

I didn't get a chance to say bye before she hung up.

Rude bitch!

I dialed Stan's number and waited patiently for him to answer.

"The number you have dialed has a voice mailbox that hasn't been set up yet..."

I hate that stupid answering machine. I dialed three more times before giving up. Maybe I should ask him when he comes to pick me up later.

I have to get ready!

I ran up to my room and looked through my closet. I settled down for a plain yet elegant black dress. I added a thin red belt and red heels. I curled my hair and added red lipstick.

I went downstairs and waited patiently for Stan to get here. If my calculations are correct her should be arriving in 5 minutes!

I turned on the tv and settled down for spongebob.

One episode finished.

Two episodes finished.

One movie later.

I looked out my window.

Did he seriously just blow me off? Is he trying to play some kind of twisted game with me?

My phone beeped making me run toward the couch where I had left it. I had received and new picture message from an unknown number. Being the curious person I am I opened it.

Anger rushed through my veins making my cheek heat up. I gripped my phone tightly at the sight on my screen.

Stan was making out with a girl who's face I can't recognize and it seem as if he was at a party.


Who is having a party tonight?


I ran out to my car and made my way to Steven's house. I've been to his parties before and they never end up good for me! It's like Steven is a bad luck charm.

That's beside the point. Stan blew me off to go to a party and make out with some random chick! What the fuck did I do to him to fucking blow me off?

I parked my car and made my way toward the entrance. Plastic cups were scattered everywhere. A few people were knocked out on the ground and others were looking for support.


I turned to the direction my name was called in. Calum stood there with a red plastic cup in his hand. He stared me up and down making my eyes roll. I walked through the crowd and spotted Stan dancing with a girl.

"What the hell Stan!" I said. I grabbed his arm and turned him around. He grabbed my hand and threw it to my side. He turned around and kept dancing. I grabbed his hand causing him to shake it off.

"Why are you doing this?"

He glared at me.

"Stan" he pushed past me. I lost my balance making me twist my foot and fall to the ground.

"Hey say sorry to her!" Calum snapped.

Stan snorted and shrugged Calum off.

"Stan you better apologize to her!" He rose his voice.

Stan turned around and charged toward Calum. He threw a punch but Calum was able to avoid it. In instinct Calum began to fight back. Stan was on the ground trying to fend for himself but his drunk state didn't allow him to.

"CALUM!" I screamed.

He looked back at me with wide eyes realizing what he was doing.

Stan took the opportunity to get on top of Calum. I stood up and a sharp pain ran through my foot. I hissed but made my way toward them.

Why is it that this house is full of people but no one is making an effort to stop the fight?

I tried pulling Stan away from Calum but he's obviously much stronger than me.

I thought of the only way I could get Stan to stop.

"STANLY!!!" I screamed in his ear while slapping him as the same time. He froze for two seconds before getting up and walking away.

I helped Calum up. His eye and lip were starting to bruise. Blood was running down his nose, dripping down to his shirt. I pulled him through the crowded people with my limping foot.

"What the hell were you thinking Calum?" I snapped once we were outside.

He looked down as his shoes and rubbed the back of his neck.

Seeing him do that reminded me of the time he first asked me to go on a date.

"He was rude to you and he made you get hurt" he replied in a hushed tone.

I let out a sigh and rubbed my temple.

"Look how he left you Calum! He hurt you more than he hurt me!"

"But your are safe now"

Idiot stop being nice to me! You make it so much harder to hate you!

I led him toward my car. The least I can do to thank him is clean his wounds. Knowing Calum he would just leave the wounds without treatment.

He gave me a confused look when I motioned him to get in my car. He got in and I let the music play softly. Calum hummed along and sang a few parts.

I forgot how much I love his voice. It had this power of soothing me whenever I was feeling stressed or angry.

I use to call him when I was stressed and he would sing to me. When we would argue he would sing to calm me down. Sometimes he even stayed up to sing me to sleep.

Stop thinking about that Vanessa!

We arrived at my house. I opened the door letting him in. He looked around for a while before his eyes landed on me.

"I didn't think I would be back here" he whispered.

He gave me a sad look and looked down at his shoes. A lump formed in my throat and I felt like hugging him to take the sadness away.

I cleared my throat before limping to my bathroom to get the first aid kit. I went back to my living room where Calum was sitting on the couch looking nervous.

I began cleaning his wounds hearing him hiss once in a while. I threw away the dirty cloths once I was done.

"Thank you" I said.

He looked at me surprised but gave me a smile that reached his ears. I felt like squeezing and kissing his cheeks.

I need to stop thinking this!

"Do you want a massage?" He asked nervously.


"On your foot! You know since you twisted it but if you don't want one that's fine I just wanted to repay you for cleaning my cuts and now I'm rambling..."

I cut him off by throwing a pillow at him. I sat down and rested my foot on his lap. He carefully took off my heel, revealing my swollen foot. He began moving his fingers against my swollen foot.

I winced in pain pulling my foot back. Calum smiled at me before pulling my foot back to his lap. He began singing making me calm down instantly. He seemed to notice as a smile spread across his face.

Fuck you!

I rested my head on a pillow and drifted off to sleep with the angelic sound of Calum's voice.

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