Fandom related username maker

this is a list of Fandom related usernames. you can request personal ones with your name or anything else in on the comments. I am doing this because when I wanted a fandom related username I could not find one , so I had to make one up and it would have been much easier to just have a list there to take ideas from.
Each chapter will be a new fandom.


1. Harry Potter

accio potterhead.   (Could be one word)  shortened : cbow

accio potterfan.      (Cbow)

accio (insert favourite charecters name here). E.G.   Accioluna

accio (insert other fandom name here)    E.G.  Acciodirectioner , acciotwihard , acciowhovian

accio me  (cbow)

 A/N. Please don't use accio ( insert name here ) because that is what I have on practically everything so It would annoy me ...        ( Note to my friend  @Acciomillie   I don't mind u using it)

Beware the potterhead  (cbow)

BTW I'm a death eater   (Cbow).     Probably my favourite of this chapter!!

BTW I'm in (enter preferred house here)  (cbow) E.G  BTW I'm in ravenclaw

BTW I'm a (enter preferred house here).  (Cbow) E.G  BTW I'm a ravenclaw

BTW I <3 H.P  (cbow)



will try to do more soon :-)


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