An Encounter ||C.H. Fanfic

When Marci is offered the chance to go to her dream school and live in Australia she doesn't miss the chance. Even if it means leaving her friends and family for five years. But what happens when she meets a special someone.


4. TWO

    It was now Monday and I was suppose to pick Alyssa and Brit up at the airport in 40 minuets. They would be staying with me while they were here while Lynn would be staying with her aunt and cousin who only lived down the street. I called a taxi and headed out to pick up Alyssa and Brit. 

 After about twenty minuets we pulled up infront of the airport. I paid the driver then went inside to find Alyssa and Brit. As I was walking in I heard my phone go off.

A: We just landed and we are going to get our luggage now

M: Ok i'll meet you guys there

I started walking in the direction of where I thought the baggage claim was. I got lost two times before I finally found it. I walked over and I saw two blondes arguing and I knew it was Alyssa and Brit. I walked up behind Alyssa and Brit saw me but I signaled her to be quiet. I hugged Alyssa from behind. One thing you should know about Alyssa is that she does NOT like affection. She squirmed in my grip. 

 "Let go of me you hippo!" She shouted. I let go of her and frowned.

 "Wow thats really how you greet your friend you haven't seen in two years!" I said still frowning.

 "No... actually it's only been a year." She said.

 "Well I see how it is. Hey Brit! How've ya been?" I say as I hug Brit completly ignoring Alyssa.

 "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Don't ignore me." She said while frowning.

 "I guess I could forgive you." I say ans she starts jumping up and down.

 "Ok guys I think we should go we don't want to scare the nice people anymore than we already have." I say as we walk out to find a cab.

  Once we found a cab we drove home talking the whole way trying to catch up. Once we got to me house I showed the girls their rooms and let them unpack. After they were finished we were all tired from our long day so we decided to spend the day eating pizza and watching movies. 

**Next Day**

  I had to go back to school today concidering I had already missed one day and the amount of work I'll have to make up for is a lot. At least next week is the start of our vacation. Two months off YAY!! The girls really came at a perfect time. I got up and followed my normal routine of taking a shower, making breakfast and then doing my hair. Brit was up before I had to leave so I told her to tell Alyssa I had left and that they could do anything until I returned home at noon. Yep Half days for the rest of the week!

 I set off to Starbucks to get my usual frappe. On the way I got a text from Lynn.

L: Hey soooooooooooo we finished earlier than I expected and I'm on the plane right now. So I'll be there in like seven hours sorry I didn't text sooner my aunt was freaking out so I've been texting her for eleven hours yep I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed!!

M: HAHAHAHA OK I have class today but it lets out at noon so I don't think it will be a problem. I hope you got some sleep in the hours before she started texting you

L: Barely ten hours is not enough!!!

M: Who are you kidding that must be the most sleep you've gotten in years I swear you live on four hours of sleep!

L: Ok that's kinda true. Well I'm going to sleep for the rest of the plane ride Bye!

M: Bye

 I had arrived at Starbuck by the time my conversation with Lynn had ended. I ordered my drink and paid then impaitently waited for it. Once I got my drink I headed for campus. Luckily I walk fast because I didn't have much time before my first class started. 

**Skip boaring classes**

  Finaly I'm free, well for today at least. I headed home hoping that I wouldn't find to big of a mess. Alyssa and Brit are clean people but put them together and they make one hell of a mess. I just hope it wasn't too bad.

   It takes about ten minuets to walk from my house to school. I was half way back from school when I got a text.

C: Hey what are you doing today?

M: Nothin much my friends are visiting from America why?

C: Oh I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out later...

M: What time

C: Maybe 3 I have to go to my bandmate's house for dinner at 6

M: Ok where do you want to meet 

C: I'll just pick you up at yours

M: K see you then

C: See ya babe

   I'm sure Alyssa and Brit can entertain themselves while I go out they've been doing it all day. I walked up my steps bracing myself for disaster. I walk in to a suprisingly clean house. The dinig room and kitchen were clean except for a couple of bowls and plates. The living room though was another story. All I could see were blankets, pillows, chairs and several stuffed animals. 

 "Brit! Alyssa! Where are you?" I shouted. 

  I felt something hit my leg and I heard giggling. I looked down and saw that I had been hit with a nerf dart. I looked back up and saw Brit and Alyssa standing there with two nerf guns each.

 "What! That's not fair!" I say and they start shooting.

 "Too bad." Brit says laughing.

   I run for cover as I am pelted with nerf darts. I grab some stuffed animals as I run out of the living room. I stand around the corner and wait for them. As soon as I see Alyssa's head I start chucking my stuffed animals. She screams and drops her guns trying to sheild herself. I grab her guns and start shooting Brit. 

  "I surrender! I surrender!" She says.

 " Yay! I won!" I say doing a little victory dance.

 "Finally your back we've been waiting to do that all day." Alyssa says.

 "Well I have to leave again..." I say.

 "What do you mean you just got back?" Brit says.

 "Well we have to go pick up Lynn from the airport. " I say. "And then I'm kind of going out with a friend." I say mumbling the last part.

 "Do you have a date Marc?" Alyssa says.

 "No not really... well I don't think it is were just going out he's picking me up here at three." I say blushing.

 "Brit did you here that our girl's got a date." Alyssa says smirking.

 "Do you know what that means Alyssa?" Brit says with a matching smirk.

 "No Brit what does this mean?" Alyssa says.

 "Well I think this means that after we get back from picking up Lynn that we have toget Ms.Marci here ready for her date." Brit says grinning.

  I groan. Oh what great friends I have. I wouldn't be able to get out of this if I tried.

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