An Encounter ||C.H. Fanfic

When Marci is offered the chance to go to her dream school and live in Australia she doesn't miss the chance. Even if it means leaving her friends and family for five years. But what happens when she meets a special someone.



  "Lynn! Lynn!" We shout as we spot her from across the airport.

    After the girls finished teasing me we picked up the house so Shelby wouldn't get mad when she gets back from Scotland. The girls went to my room and picked out an outfit for me to change into when we got back. We called a cab and came to the airport and here we are now.

 "Hey guys. How have you been?" Lynn said.

   We all hug her except for Alyssa. They give each other a hand hug instead.

 "It's really great to see you guys." Lynn says.

 "Yeah yeah so Marci has a date tonight." Alyssa says.

 "Wow Aly I see how it is yo- wait Marc you have a date tonight?"Lynn said with a surprised look on her face.

 "It's not a date exact-" I start to say before I'm cut off.

 "Yeah sure it's not." Brit says.

 "Umm what time is your date tonight because my aunt invited you all over for dinner sooo..." Lynn says.

 "It's at three but he has somewhere to be at six so it depends on what time dinner is at." 

 "That's good it's at six so you won't miss it." She says.

 "Hey Lynn is your cousin going to be there we've never met him before." Aly says.

 "Oh that's right you guys haven't met him before. I think he's supose to be there and his friends might be coming. Oh and just a warning my cousin's crazy. Some people say we should be twins becuase we look alike and act like each other but neither of us see it."Lynn says.

 "Well you are crazy so that's one thing you have in common." Brit says.

  Lynn glared at her while we all laughed.

 "We should probably get a cab its almost two-thirty." I say.

 "Oh we wouldn't want you late for your date now would we?" Brit says.

 " Guys my aunt is supose to come and pick me up in ten minuets but I still have to get my bags so I'll see you at dinner. Marc you still remember which house?" Lynn asks.

 "Yep. We will see you there." I say as me, Brit, and Alyssa walk out to catch a cab. 

 The three of us hopped in the cab and told the driver my address. As we were driving Alyssa and Brit were discussing what I should wear for the date. I wasn't paying much attention though. Twenty minuets later we arrived back at my house and the girls raced out of the car so they could start picking things out for my date. I paid the driver and headed inside. 

 As soon as I was inside I was tackled  and taken to my room by Brit. Alyssa was already in there picking things out.

 "Ok so I was thinking that you should wear this black skirt with with this flower crop top and maybe those flower vans. But if you think thats to much then you should wear these light jeans with the rips with your gray real life tee. i have a few other options but i think one of these would be best!" Alyssa says cheerfully as she shows me what she's picked out.

 "Ummm... Well I doubt that its going to be anything fancy  and im not really in the mood to be waering skirts so I think I'll go with the other option." I say.

 "Ok get dressed and then Brit will do your hair. Oh and wear your cream high tops." Alyssa said as she left the room.

 I quickly changed in to the clothes seeing as I have about ten minuets till he gets here. I go to the bathroom so Brit can do my hair.

 "Ok work your magic but be quick he should be here in ten minuets." I say as Brit starts on my hair.

 After five minuets Brit finished my hair was in a fishtail braid with a few strands of hair out to fraim my face.

 I grabbed my phone and sat in the living room watching Sophia the First with Alyssa. She claims its because Tegan always watches it but i know she secretly loves it. There was a knock on the door and Alyssa bolted up and was at the door before I could even stand up.

 She opened the door and said to him " Are you Calum?" 

 "Yes." He replied.

 "What are your intentions with my daughter?" Alyssa asks. 

 He looks at her confused.

 " Leave him alone Alyssa. Sorry about her she can be a bit strange sometimes." I say.

"I can be a bit strange! You shouldn't be talkin sister!" She says.

 "Yeah yeah whatever. Oh Calum this is Alyssa my friend from America. Alyssa this is Calum." I say.

 "Hey what'd I miss?" Brit says as she walks in from the kitchen.

 "Nothin much. Calum this is Brit my other friend from America. Brit this is Calum." I say.

 "Nice to meet you." Brit says shaking his hand "So Lynn just texted me saying how annoying her cousin was and that she might come over if he doesn't force her to play Fifa."

 "Sounds like one of my friends." Calum says. "Well we probably should get going."

 "Ok see you guys later." I say as I walk out the door.

 "So where are we going?" I ask.

 "That's for me to know and you to find out." He says as we get in his car. 

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