An Encounter ||C.H. Fanfic

When Marci is offered the chance to go to her dream school and live in Australia she doesn't miss the chance. Even if it means leaving her friends and family for five years. But what happens when she meets a special someone.


1. Sneak Peak

     I was walking down the street drinking my frappe and texting Lynn. It was a Saturday so I didn't have school. (M= Marci and L=Lynn)

L: Hey girly hows it goin?

M: Not bad yourself?

L: I'm fantastic and so is Tegan who happens to be screaming her head off right now

M: Haha

L: Yeah so funny :| I can't wait to get away from New York again. I think I might be comin down for a visit sometime soon

M:Well I can't wait to see you

L:I wasn't talking about you I meant my cousin. I miss him badly!!

 I was about to respond but I crashed into somebody. My drink went flying to the ground but his spilt  all over me and boy was it hot. "Shit!" I said when I looked down at my shirt. It had a big stain right on the front. "I am so sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." The boy said. I looked up to see a pair of chocolaty brown eyes. He had black hair and was tall. "It's fine"I said "I wasn't paying attention either." "Cal where did you go we have to get back so we can get this over and done with!" Someone yelled from down the alley we were standing in front of. "I'll be there in a second Ash." The boy shouted. "Sorry about that, my names Calum by the way." 




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