An Encounter ||C.H. Fanfic

When Marci is offered the chance to go to her dream school and live in Australia she doesn't miss the chance. Even if it means leaving her friends and family for five years. But what happens when she meets a special someone.


2. Prologue

   "Marci come down here I have some exciting news!" My mother says.' Well that's unusual she's never this happy.'I think to myself. I walk down stairs to see my mom,aunt ,and her friend Shelby who was from Australia. "Marci we got a letter in the mail last week saying that you were accepted into a law school. We didn't tell you because it was the one in Australia. But we've been talking and Shelby has agreed to let you stay with her until your done with school."  My eyes widened. Was she really going to let me go? She never let me go anywhere without her. A big smile grew on my face as I  ran over and gave her a huge hug and the I started jumping up and down. I had always wanted to go to Australia my best friend Lynn had been there and England a couple of years ago visiting family and they offered to take me but my mom said no. "When do we leave?" I asked enthusiastically. "Well your school starts in two weeks so we leave next week."Shelby said. "But Marci there is a catch." My aunt Marci said. Yes I was named after her. I gave her a questioning look. "You won't be coming back until your seven years of schooling are over. You can come back and visit during breaks but other than that you will be living there for the entire time."She finished. Oh god Lynn and Joy are going to kill me for leaving them but how can i pass up this opportunity? "Alright I'm going but I will come back during the holidays and for anything important."I said. My mother gave me a big smile. "Good luck Marc. I know you'll do fantastic. Now go pack because we can't have you waiting till last minuet like always."  "Ok" I say as I walk upstairs. I grabbed my phone from off my dresser and called Lynn. "Hi,hi,hi." She said enthusiastically. "Hey "I replied. "Whats up?" "Lynn," I said in a serious tone. "I'm moving to Australia."



   Hello people! I hope you liked the prologue.Sorry it was short but I have been really busy with school. I promise that I will find time to write.I will have the first chapter up soon.

                                       Irwin Girl

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