An Encounter ||C.H. Fanfic

When Marci is offered the chance to go to her dream school and live in Australia she doesn't miss the chance. Even if it means leaving her friends and family for five years. But what happens when she meets a special someone.


3. ONE

   *Five Years Later*


  Its been five years since I've left New York. I'm 17 turning 18 in May. I've gone back to New York once for my best friend ,Joy's, wedding. That was about a year ago and now she has a daughter named Tegan. I haven't seen my other friends Alyssa and Brit since the wedding. Lynn came here to visit family this year so I got to see her for a day. We all still text each other but I still really miss them. But I'm really glad that I got an opportunity to com learn here.

     I was walking down the street drinking my frappe and texting Lynn. It was a Saturday so I didn't have school. (M= Marci and L=Lynn)

L: Hey girly hows it goin?

M: Not bad yourself?

L: I'm fantastic and so is Tegan who happens to be screaming her head off right now


L: Yeah so funny :| I can't wait to get away from New York again. I think I might be comin down for a visit sometime soon

M:Well I can't wait to see you

L:I wasn't talking about you I meant my cousin. I miss him badly!!

 I was about to respond but I crashed into somebody. My drink went flying to the ground but his spilt  all over me and boy was it hot. "Shit!" I said when I looked down at my shirt. It had a big stain right on the front. "I am so sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." The boy said. I looked up to see a pair of chocolaty brown eyes. He had black hair and was tall. "It's fine"I said "I wasn't paying attention either." "Cal where did you go we have to get back so we can get this over and done with!" Someone yelled from down the alley we were standing in front of. "I'll be there in a second Ash." The boy shouted. "Sorry about that, my names Calum by the way." "I'm Marci." "Well Marci how can I make up for spilling the coffee on you?" "You wouldn't happen to have another shirt I could borrow would you?" " I actually do. Me and my band mates are doing a photoshot." "Oh.. ok thanks." He led me down the alley to where they were doing a photo shoot.  There were three other boys posing for photos. I'm assuming those were the other members of the band. He walked over to a clothing rack an pulled out a blue plad button up shirt and handed it to me.

"Thanks. I guess I'll be going now I don't want to intrude." I said buttoning up the shirt so it hid the one underneath.

"No its fine you can stay if you like." He said smiling sweetly.

"I have somewhere I need to be." I said. He frowned slightly but then smilled.

"Well can I at least get your number?" He asked. I smiled and gave him my phone so he could put his number in. 

I started walking back down the alley " Thanks again." I shouted back. " Not a problem." I heared as i walked back onto the street.

I looked down at my phone to see that Lynn had texted me,

L: I'm sorry Marc 

L: I promise I'll visit you too

L: Please don't be mad at me 

L: I'm going to keep texting till you forgive me 


L: Thats it I'm coming

L: I've booked tickets for tomorrow 

L: Marc aren't you happy I'm coming?

I laughed and texted her back so she wouldn't go crazy

M: Sorry Lynn I ran into this guy and he spilt his drink all over me. So he gave me a shirt because he was doing a photoshoot with his band. Oh and I forgive you. But you can still come tomorrow if you want to.

 I sent it waiting for her response

L: Oooo GET IT GIRL!!!!!!!! I can come but I'll have to move some things around oh and would it be ok if I brought along a couple someones??


L: ok ok calm down

M: ok calm

L: good now I'm not sure if I can make it tomorrow but the girls can so be expecting the on monday/tuesday

M: Ok why can't you make it?

L: I have to finish recording a couple songs for the boys new album

M: OH ok so when will you be coming?

L: I'll probably leave on Monday but if I go I have to stay with my Aunt or she will hunt me down and drag me to her house(and don't doubt her she has done it before) but don't worry its close to your house

I laughed so hard I almost fell walking up the stairs to my flat. I sent her one last message saying I'd see her then. I unlocked my door and went to my bedroom to change my shirt. After changing I decided that I should text Calum.

M: Hey Calum its Marci

I went into the living room and sat down on the couch and started my essay that was due tuesday. I started playing music when I heard my phone go off. I looked and saw that I got a text from Calum.

C: Hey Marc (I hope you dont mind me calling you that) so I was wondering if you wanted to do anything...

M: Its fine I don't mind thats what my friends call me and sure what do you want to do?

C: I thought we could just hang out

M: Well you could come to my house if you want I'm not doing anything

C: Ok  send me your address

I sent him my address and picked up some of my stuff so I didn't look like a slob. A couple minuets later I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and there was Calum holding a bunch of junk food. I let him in. It was awkward for a couple of minuets but then we just settled on the couch and watched some telly while eating the junk food he brought.

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