An Encounter ||C.H. Fanfic

When Marci is offered the chance to go to her dream school and live in Australia she doesn't miss the chance. Even if it means leaving her friends and family for five years. But what happens when she meets a special someone.



 We drove around for a bit until we stopped at a small secluded park. No one was there besides Calum and I. I got out of the car and ran to the swings. 

 "This place is really cool." I say to Calum as I swing back and forth. "How did you find it?"

 "I used to come here all the time when I was little with my friends." He said smiling as he swung.

 "We used to have a place like this where I used to live. It wasn't as quiet and secluded but it was always clean. We all went down every Friday it was right across from my friends house and we would stay there till late and some times sleep under the stars." I say remembering the small park from my childhood. 

Calum looked at me with the cutest smile and I smiled right back. For the rest of the afternoon we talked about ourselves and our family while we slid down the slides and laid in the grass. It was such a great afternoon that it had only felt like minuets when Calum told me it was time to leave. I looked at the clock and it was already 5:45. Time flies when your having fun. The car ride back is silent except for the music playing in the background. It was a nice silence not the awkward kind. We finally pulled up in front of my house.

 "Thank you Calum I had an amazing time." I say as I start to get out of the car.

 "Me too. We should definitely do this again some time."He says.

 "Yeah I'll text you later bye Calum." I say as I close the door and start walking up to my house. 

 I enter my house and I'm attacked by the girls. 

 " How was it?" Brit asks.

 "Where did you go?" Alyssa asks.

 "What did you do?" Brit asks.

 "Woah... Calm down let her breath girls." Lynn says.

 "Thanks Lynn." I say as i head up to my room. 

 I change out of my clothes that are somewhat grass stained from laying with Cal. I throw on a nice shirt with my black skinny jeans. Lynn, Brit, and Alyssa walk into the room all dressed in something similar to my outfit ready to go to dinner.

 "You ready to go?" Lynn asks.

 "Yep. " I reply.

 "So will you please tell us how it went?" Brit asks. 

 "It was really nice we went to this park not far from here and we talked about ourselves and stuff." I say as we walk down stairs.

 "Oooooo and stuff." Lynn says raising her eyebrows suggestively.

 "Not that you pervert!" I exclaim as we grab our jackets and walk out side. 

 "Ok then... So are we walking or driving? Personally I think it would be stupid to drive considering its just down the road but whatever." Lynn says. 

 "Yeah we can walk and don't think we forgot Marci we will pester you about this later." Alyssa said.

 We chatted and walked down the road to Lynn's Aunt's house. It was just how I remembered it from years prior. It looked almost exactly like Shelby's house except there's was a bit larger. There car that normally sat in the drive was there along with another unfamiliar car. We walked up to the door and Lynn walked straight in. 

 "Hey Aunt Karen! Were here!" Lynn shouted as she took her shoes off and led us to the kitchen where her Aunt Karen stood over a pot.

 "Hello girls." She says." It's so nice to meet you all Lynn has told us so much about you. I'm Karen by the way."

 "Nice to meet you too." Alyssa says smiling. "I'm Alyssa. This is Brit and that's Marci. Thank you for inviting us to dinner."

 "It's not a problem ." Karen says. "Michael is downstairs and the boys should be here shortly."

 "Ok thanks let us know when they get here." Lynn says.

 "Will do, have fun girls." She says shooing us out of the room. 

 Lynn leads us upstairs first to show us her room. It was very Lynn; extremely clean, loads of books and piles of CD cases. She then showed us Michael's room. His was a bit dirtier but was similar to Lynn's minus the books. She led us downstairs to the basement quietly. Michael was sitting on a couch playing a game. Lynn snuck up behind him and jumped on top of him.

 "Ahhhh!" Michael screamed. "You bitch I almost beat my high score!"

 We all laughed as he shoved Lynn off the couch.

 "Hello and who might you be?" Michael asked us.

 "Oh I'm Marci. That's Brit, that's Alyssa and I'm sure you know that that is Lynn." I say.

 Michael laughed. "Well I'm Michael but you can call me Mikey." He says. "Do you want to play?"

 "Sure." Brit says as she plops down on the couch next to Mikey and grabs a second remote.

 Alyssa and I both take a seat on the other couch while Lynn sits with Brit and Mikey and joins in their game.


  "Are you fucking kidding me!"Mikey shouts as Alyssa had just beat him for the fifth time in a row.

  We had been sitting downstairs for about fifteen minutes when the door bell finally rang. Yay we can finally eat! They turned off the game and we all headed up stairs. We walk towards the living room where we can hear Karen talking. We walk in and there are three boys with their backs to us. The first on was extremely tall and had blonde hair in a quiff. The one in the middle was almost as tall as the first boy. He had curly brown hair and was wearing a black bandanna. The third one looked really familiar with black hair and several feet taller than me. They heard us walk in and turned around.

 "Marci?" The third boy asked.

 "Calum?" I said extremely confused.

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