Avenging the Addiction [Avengers]

A series of Avengers/Reader Imagines, Drabbles, and Ficlets.
© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

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1. 1. Ice Cream Conversations [Bruce Banner]

Author Note: All stories that will be written in 'Avenging the Addiction' is my property. That means that you cannot copy and paste it and use it as your own work with or without my permission. No borrowing or stealing is okay. Stealing my work will get you reported. Have a nice evening. Enjoy the Addiction. -H

        Bruce Banner had another terrible day at work. He endured being in the middle of Tony and Steve’s constant, petty bickering. On top of that, an intern spilled coffee over his brand-new button shirt, and now he was walking home alone in the heavy drizzle. Since Tony stayed behind in the lab to update on his suits, Bruce could find no transportation to your apartment. He didn't get a taxi when the bright yellow car passed him up and collided with a puddle, drenching Bruce in water.
        ‘Well great’, he thought. 
        When he reached your apartment the simple downpour turned into a full-blown storm and Bruce was happy that he was no longer in it. He was so stressed from the day’s events, he just wanted to collapse on the couch and disappear for the evening. You must have heard him walk in because before he knew it, Bruce was in the warmth of your arms and the apple cinnamon scent of your hair. You met Bruce a year ago at a nearby bookstore after the Loki incident in New York, so, you knew of him and his ‘little problem’.
        As you both pulled away from the hug was when you noticed Bruce’s wet condition. As you were trying to fight the urge to smile you spoke, “Bad day?”
        Bruce’s arms fell to his sides, “Is it that obvious?” 
        You nodded while failing to contain your giggles. Bruce sighed at your childish state; the sounds of the rain sounded faint to his ears as you laughed. When you pulled yourself together, you stood up straight and placed your hands around Bruce’s arms. You flashed a pearly white smile at him that made his heart flutter. 
        “How about you go change into dry clothes and you can tell me, alright?” You said. He muttered a quiet ‘okay’ to you before heading back into the master bedroom, leaving you in the middle of the entrance hallway.
        Bruce came back with simple pajamas to find you no longer in the hallway. Bruce traveled around the house until he found you sitting on the couch near the rain covered window. You held something in your hand: two buckets of flavored ice-cream and two spoons. Bruce chuckled as he made his way towards you. 
        “What are you doing?” Bruce asked you.
         ”Cheering you up, what else?” You said as soon as Bruce had set next to you on the old polyester couch. You handed Bruce one of the spoons and the buckets of flavored ice-cream.
        “You’re cheering me up with ice-cream in this rainy weather?” He had asked. This sounded odd to him, but he played your game. You nodded in response to him.
        “The rain is outside, Bruce. Now, talk and eat your ice-cream. It’ll make you feel better.” Bruce was skeptical of your logic, but he tried it regardless. 
        After the first few words and spoonfuls of ice-cream, He had felt calmer. Your idea worked. You listened to every single detail of his day, you even gave him sympathetic words from time to time. You both had spent the next few hours enjoying the rain, ice-cream, and simple conversation. Bruce would thank you later, for listening to him. You were there for him and he liked that. He just hopes that there will be more ice-cream conversations between the two of you soon, but, maybe for another day.

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