True Love

This is a story of a girl names Riley who was adopted by the Clifford family at the age 7. When she gets older her older brother Michael Clifford ends up doing bad things and gets an apartment of his own with 3 other people but still go o school. How will Riley deal with this? Will she fall in love? Read to find out


2. school,friends,and family

Riley's POV

It's been two weeks since Michael left and I miss him. He helped me through the bad times and now he is not here to do that. I mean yeah he looked very scary but he was a teddy bear. Well to me because I was his younger sister. Anyway I showered, changed in a crop top,shorts,my hair it's regular way straight,and black vans. Was done I walked down stairs "Hey mum." I said to her "Hey sweetie. How did you sleep?" She asked me "oh I slept fine..... I guess." I told her "I know you miss him. But he few up and we have to deal with this."she said "what if I am happy mom." I told her "I saw you looking at pictures if you and him growing up,you had the song bad day, and you were crying last night."she told me "that proves nothing." I argued "whatever. Love you have a great day at school." She said while giving me a hug and kiss and then I walked out the door. I started walking when a car pulled up and a window rolled down. It was Mikey! "Riley get in the car! Michael yelled I didn't do anything but get in the car "hi Michael." I said " hey." He replied and looked out the window. Once we arrived I ran to Levi,

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