True Love

This is a story of a girl names Riley who was adopted by the Clifford family at the age 7. When she gets older her older brother Michael Clifford ends up doing bad things and gets an apartment of his own with 3 other people but still go o school. How will Riley deal with this? Will she fall in love? Read to find out


1. Riley Clifford

Hello I'm Riley Clifford adoptive sister of Michael Clifford. I love spending time with friends and family,reading,writing,singing,an dancing. I have 3 best friends named Cameron,Levi,and Bailey,

My parents died at a cruise and m sister and I were separated by going to different foster homes so I haven't seen her or talked to her in 9 years which sucks and the brother I have has tattoos,piercings,smokes,and does drugs.

I mean he never did that until he turned 16 which was 3 or 4 years ago. Well I gotta go today is my moms birthday. Bye!

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