Peek A Boo

Ever since I was little I always thought that we would never go anywhere without each other, but things change. The last memory I have of my us together is at the park and then it all went dark.


2. The Darkness


Saywer's POV

I don't really know how to describe the darkness that clouded me. I haven't remember that much after I was taken from the park when I was 6. I was kept in a basement until I was 16. I don't know why the person who kept me did. They didn't do anything bad to me, they just kept me there to take me away from my family. The basement that they kept me in, there were no windows and only one door that they locked to prevent me from escaping. 

I got fed a good amount for being kidnapped. Whenever they did feed me they wore a mask and put my food in a dog bowl, like I'm their pet. Just before I escaped I didn't get fed so that's how I knew that they left. Once I knew for certain that they were gone I unlocked the door somehow and ran as fast as I could to somewhere safe.

When I was out of the house I ran to the closest house to use their phone. I quickly ran up their steps to their doorstep and banged on the door, urgently. 

A women answered the door and said "Hello?"

"My name is Sawyer Irwin and I've been kept in a basement for 10 years can I please use your phone?" I said.

Looking surprised she replied "Of course come in, come in!".

Running into her house, I grab the prone and call 911 "Hi my name is Sawyer Irwin, I've been kept in a basement for 10 years and I just escaped".

"Ok I'm going to ask you to remain calm and we are send a ambulance and police cruiser to come pick you up and get checked out" the person replied. 



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