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This is gonna be a movella full of stories, drawings and homework I did when I was around 8 years old. Featuring cats, superheroes, fairies, and a Mum who throws slippers at her kid o.O Enjoy!


1. The Quest for the Book of Death

*Author's note:* What a happy cheery story to start with (don't worry, it's not as negative as the title suggests). I thought I'd start off with one of my better ones, not that it resembles a good story anyway, as they will get a lot worse...

(Typed it all out because the pictures are uploading lopsided. Typed out EXACTLY how I wrote it then, so sorry for the bad punctuation and grammar!) - written when I was in Year Five, I think.


Long, long ago in a faraway land there was a castle below the mountains of Pitywick. The castle had 4 turrets with holes in where cannon balls could be shot out from. The castle was owned by a strong, tough man named Spike. Even though that was his real name, everyone called him The Lord of Darkness. He was evil and mean.

One night he sat at the top of one of his turrets and thought up a plan. Beside him, one of his servants (Sam) stood staring up at the sky. He bought he saw a shadow. A girl on a unicorn. He looked up, and there she was again. Spike told him his plan and Sam tried to explain that someone was listening but he couldn't spit it out. Spike disappeared and reappeared at the bottom of the stairs. "Hurry up!" he shouted to Sam and then they both went inside.

Meanwhile, Bethany and Cobweb (the girl and her unicorn) both were shocked at what Spike had said. He was going to find a book called The Book of Death. He was going to kill everyone so no one could annoy him again. Bethany was poor, but determined beat him. She was going to find the book for sure. Her unicorn Cobweb was going to help her.

Cobweb had silky hair which was as soft as a flower petal. And smooth skin that shined in the brightness. A horn that whenever you touched it it shot out a shower of glitter. And hooves that trotted in the beat of a song. Cobweb was wise and always knew what to do in a bad situation. That's why Bethany liked her so much. However, Bethany was completely different.

Bethany was a young girl that lived in the village of Pitywick. Pitywick was over the mountains from The Lord of Darknesses castle. Bethany never dared to go over them. Spike was her uncle, and a very mean one too. He would lock people up in cages and never let them out.

Bright and early the next morning, Bethany awoke to find a letter on her doorstep. Who was it from? She did not know. She read it aloud to Cobweb and it said: Dear Bethany, Sam (my servant) told me you had listened to my plan. I know I want to kill everyone but I'll give you a chance to save the world. I will send you on a quest. Try and find the Book of Death. I have out some obstacles in the way. I'll give you 2 days only. If you don't find it, everyone will die! Ha! Ha! Ha!                                           SPiKe

P.s. Find the Deadly Dell!

Cobweb whines (to say she didn't want to go) But Bethany had already flung on her cloak, sharpened her sword and climbed on top of Cobweb. They had to go right this minute.

It took them a day to find the Dell which was hidden between two mountains. Only one day left now.

They started walking through the Dell. It was spooky and the trees all had faces. SNAP! Suddenly one of the trees captured Bethany with one of there tree like arms. Cobweb took Bethany's sword and dug it into the tree. 1st part, done. Bethany wriggled out and followed Cobweb. They tripped over a few times but they soon helped each other up. Bethany and Cobweb were soon so tired they lay down to rest for 3 hours. After, Bethany saw a light. She walked over to it. It was then she realised it wasn't a light at all, it was the Book of Death! Bethany was so happy she jumped onto Cobweb and flew to Spike's castle.

When they got there they told Spike the news and he couldn't believe it. He told them the book had spells in to kill people. Bethany just waited. She told Spike she would not kill him, but only if he would not kill anyone and would never be evil again.

From that day on, Bethany lived happily in Spike's castle with Cobweb. But they kept the book, just incase it came in handy one day.


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