Chemical >> M.C<<


1. Chapter 1

The pale snow fell down onto the ground. I was freezing cold, yet, I still decided to wear my grey and white gym shorts. School was closed because the snow was causing all types of trouble for the teachers, basically, my head master didn't want to waste money on the heating. Especially because there was a 79% chance that the heating wouldn't work.

School has been shut for about, three days so far, all because the snow. I'm not often one to complain, but I'm slacking on my geography and physical education right now. I need to get better, shockingly; the school is the thing keeping me from working. I never thought the day would come, to be completely honest. "Caleb, Calum, Ella! Dinner!" My mother yelled to me and my brothers. If you can guess that I'm a girl, then you would know that I'm Ella.


I put down my journal and walked out my room, into the hall, down the stairs, through to the kitchen. I could smell the pasta sauce luring in my nose before I was halfway down the hall. That's always a good sign. Mum is a great cook, she has her own restaurant in Oxford street. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get down there from my house.

My mum still managed to get down there earlier, in fact, she's going back there straight after dinner. After dad and Mali-Koa moved out, she's always managed to. I guess there was some perks after my parents' divorce. I mean, other than getting depression and anxiety. I mean, I last saw my dad and sister when I was 16, so I haven' seen her in two years.


We still call and text, it's hard because she's in England, and I'm in Australia. She moved 9 years ago. A year after my parents' divorce was finalised, my mum got married to my brother Caleb's dad, Chandler Divine. He's nice, he's more of a dad than my real one will ever be; to me and Calum anyway. Calum are very different twins. Well, I say very different, only our eye colour is different (and our face shape). I have green eyes that have brown patches mingling with my other shades. Although, Calum has my mums dark chocolate eyes.

I take after none of my parents, I find that weird, you know? I should have brown eyes. Other than that, me and my brother are very much alike. Same tone of skin, slightly tanned not so much, same taste of music, pop-punk and rock, same clothes taste, flannels, black skinny's, vans, and tank tops.


I guess me and my brother don't have the same personalities. He's always trying to make people happy, and he's sensitive, then you have me; Always bubbly and reckless, but I'm strong, I take things as a joke. Why be serious and put downers on everyone's damned days? Society is already doing enough of that.

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