Make me!!!!!!!

Help!!!! I screamed at the top of my voice. I felt nothing until I was in the arms of Luke hemmings


1. HELP!!!

I was in my back garden as usual just looking at all the nature around me. My garden is massive. It has trees surrounding it and that's my favourite thing about it. I love to climb trees. Yeah yeah yeah it's childish but fun. Today was the day the band 5sos played in croke park. I loved them I wanted to go so badly but my mom couldn't afford it.

Oh sorry my name is Ashley I'm from Ireland and live just outside of Dublin City. 5sos were my fav band. I lived near Croke park and I will Probz hear them tonight... But still I want to see them. And may I add too I'm a Luke girl. Gosh I love that boy.

I was climbing the trees that were hanging over the road. I stood up on the branch and looked over at the stadium. It was big. Really big. I could see all the cars parked ,the girls lined up, their buses.... It hurt so much. I kept climbing till I got to the top of the tree. I heard laughing and talking from below. I tried to look but I was too high up. I jumped down a branch lower and seen 4 figures walking down my road. I got down lower........ Until I slipped I screamed it seemed like forever I was falling down the tree.


I heard someone scream.

Who ever it was saved my life. I felt scratches all over my body. I opened my eyes and looked up. I seen soft blonde hair, bright blue eyes....

"A-Are you okay?"

He asked.

Yes yes yes that's right it's a he not just any he but the man himself. Luke hemmings.

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